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Safest Way to Migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail Account in Easy Steps

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 22nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: In this post, learn the best method to migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail account in easy steps. To aid our users, we shall explain the procedure in full below.

Let’s begin by discussing some common questions asked by customers in order to get a better sense of their needs:

Hey, how do I migrate complete data from Yahoo to Protonmail account directly in easy steps?

How to migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail in batch at the same time?

Is there any way to transfer Yahoo mailboxes data to Protonmail including attachments and header information?

How do I migrate selected Yahoo folders to Protonmail account to fulfil my business needs?

These are the questions that come up most frequently on the popular discussion forum websites. It is clear to us that the task is the same, but the requirements are different. Therefore, in this article, we are going to cover this topic. Here, we will provide you the most amazing method to accomplish this task without facing any type of issues.

An Expert Software to Migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail Directly

4n6 Yahoo Backup Application for Windows is one of the most amazing and tested application we developed. With this software, one can easily migrate complete Yahoo account data to Protonmail without facing issues. The app successfully supports to migrate multiple or selected mailboxes from Yahoo account directly. In addition, the app allows users to transfer Yahoo emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other data.

When transferring data to a Protonmail account, this application keeps all attributes. You will not encounter any hassles or lose any data during the move from Yahoo to Protonmail. The app’s incredibly straightforward user interface is one of its best features. Users can migrate data without any complications. Therefore, let’s attempt to comprehend the whole operation.

Simple Steps to Migrate Yahoo Mailboxes to Protonmail Account

1. Firstly, download the freeware of Yahoo to Protonmail software on your Windows machine. This freeware will help you to test the working and features before investing any money.


2. After downloading the app, install it properly and run. Then, click Open tab to begin the procedure.

click open to migrate from yahoo to protonmail

3. Now, from the given list, choose Add Account option.

click on add account

4. Here, enter the login details of Yahoo mail account and its IMAP Server details. Then, click on Add button.

enter login details

5. The application starts analysing and loading data of your Yahoo account.

loaded folders

6. Now, click on the Yahoo mailboxes and preview your data such as emails, headers, and more.

check preview of yahoo data

7. Click Export and choose IMAP as saving.

choose protonmail

8. Enter the login credentials of your Protonmail account with IMAP Server details.

enter login details

9. Then, finally, click on Save button to begin the migration process.

migration process

Note: Please look here if you don’t know the IMAP Server details for Yaho and Protonmail:

For Yahoo Mail: imap.mail.yahoo.com & 993

For Protonmail: mail.protonmail.com and 993

Do Not Be Afraid to Use the Tool to Convert Yahoo Mail to Protonmail

Our application to migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail is safe and secure, and we encourage users to use it. We guarantee that the results that this program generates for you will be reliable and accurate. When you migrate data from Yahoo to Protonmail using this application, all of the properties will be preserved, and you will receive a result that is 100% accurate.

So, if you need to migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail account, just use the app now. This application will securely migrate your data without facing issues.

Check Out the Amazing Features of Yahoo to Protonmail Software

  • It successfully supports to migrate multiple Yahoo mailboxes to Protonmail account at once to save time.
  • With this app, one can also migrate selected Yahoo folders data to Protonmail as per requirements.
  • Using this software, it is possible to transfer Yahoo emails, attachments, contacts, and other data.
  • In addition, the app allows users to migrate Yahoo emails to Protonmail with header information.
  • You can preview all your Yahoo mail data such as email messages, hex values, email headers, etc.
  • Using this application, one can also migrate Yahoo Mail data directly without installing supportive app.
  • With this app, it is also possible to migrate Yahoo data to several savings like PST, PDF, Gmail, G Suite, Exchange, Google Workspace, and more.
  • Downloading and using the application is possible on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and previous editions of Windows.
  • In addition, users of this Yahoo to Protonmail software can extract their email attachments, phone numbers, and other attributes utilizing the software.
  • In addition, the application used to convert your Yahoo mail to your Protonmail account will not be subject to any file size restrictions.

The Conclusion

Migrating data is not a big task nowadays if you have a right software. In the above content, we explained how to migrate from Yahoo to Protonmail account. By utilizing our application, it is possible to securely migrate an unlimited amount of data from Yahoo Mail to Protonmail, including all of the connected information. Therefore, if you are one of those people who has to convert their account from Yahoo to Protonmail, use the app as soon as possible. This program will provide you with results that are precise and exactly what you want.