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How to Migrate Mulberry to Outlook PST – Expert Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 27th, 2022
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4 Minutes

Do you want to migrate Mulberry to Outlook account? So stay on this blog. In this blog, we will find out why Outlook accounts are better than Mulberry and what are the differences between the two. If you face any problem then you can contact our support team at any time. By the way, after reading this blog, you will hardly face any problems. Because after reading this blog you will get complete information about how to convert Mulberry to Outlook.

User Query,

“I was using a Mulberry account in hello for a long time but I have started having many problems in using it and its interface is also very out of my understanding so now let me know if converting to outlook is the most powerful solution. Because I have very important data, I do not want to lose it. So please tell me any solution on which you can give relief.”

Now let us see what Outlook email clients are and how to use them.

What is MS Outlook and Why is MS Outlook Better than Mulberry?

Professional users and companies prefer to use MS Outlook for sending and receiving email messages. A desire to convert Mulberry emails to Outlook arises for a variety of reasons, both personal and business. And the purpose of this post is to meet that need.

There are many options for doing the migration, however, we recommend using an automated solution. This is because of the difficulties that come with the migrate Mulberry to Outlook, such as —

  • Both email clients use distinct file formats to store data, and there is no way to convert them directly.
  • Misplacing attachments is a possibility.
  • It’s possible that the real mailbox folder structure may be harmed.
  • It takes time, and due to poor technique selection, the migration might become complicated.

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Way – How to Export Mulberry to PST File?

One of the best and most reliable solutions to migrate Mulberry to Outlook is 4n6’s built-in MBOX converter. Using this, you can convert emails as well as attachments of a Mulberry account. This Mulberry to Outlook converter software export your profile data in one go in PST format. Let us now see how this software will convert the files of Mulberry.

Instruction – How to Use Mulberry to Outlook Converter?

1. Download the mulberry to PST converter software and install it in the windows OS system
Free Download

2. After installing the software click the open button and choose the emails data files option
emails data files

3. Thereafter select the MBOX files option and choose folder/files of the mulberry account
choose mbox files

4. MBOX files are chosen after previewing the emails in different modes like the content header, hex view, etc.
emails headar

5. Click the export option and choose the PST files option
choose pst format

6. Lastly, click the save button to start the exporting process
click the save button

Most Reliable Feature of this software

  • This tool converts the Mulberry emails in bulk
  • During the whole converting process, no data was lost.
  • Without exception, it saves both emails and attachments.
  • Email properties, header information, and inline graphics are all preserved.
  • Folder Mode allows you to combine all Mulberry files into a single PST.
  • By default, each MBX file is saved as a distinct PST file.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. Can I migrate Mulberry to Outlook files in bulk with the help of this software?

Ans. This software is applicable to convert unlimited data

Ques 2. Is this software just attachments or phone number extracts?

Ans. This software is capable of extracting email files as well as attachments or phone numbers.

Ques 3. Does this software support all old or latest versions of Outlook?

Ans. Yes, this software Outlook all versions in it 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. everyone has support

User Review,

“What an awesome tool you’ve built, gentlemen. The gadget has left a lasting impression on me. I was seeking a solution like this since I have a lot of Mulberry files on my Windows computer and I wanted to convert them to Outlook. This is the only tool that was able to fix my problem swiftly and simply.”


Mulberry is a free open-source email client that lets you manage your emails, calendars, and contacts. However, it pales in comparison to Microsoft Outlook, which outperforms Mulberry in terms of email handling and security implementation. As a result, Mulberry users seek information on how to migrate to the Outlook platform. This piece will examine one such effective approach to migrate Mulberry to Outlook with optimum precision.

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