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How to Export Mulberry to Outlook – Expert Solution

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
November 14th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to export Mulberry to Outlook? If yes, keep reading this informative 4n6 blog post. Here, we will guide you through the complete steps to convert Mulberry emails to PST and then import them into Outlook. So, let’s start.

Mulberry, while once the most popular email clients has turned into a client that everyone wants to switch to due to its various drawbacks. Whether it’s the out-dated UI, limited support and updated or lack of features that most modern email clients have, Mulberry has failed to deliver new technologies and retain customers.

On the other hand, Outlook is nowadays the most popular and widely used email application in professional as well as personal environment. Here are some of the key benefits of switching from Mulberry to Outlook.

Easy Steps to Export Mulberry to Outlook PST 

  • Open Mulberry and export all the emails.
  • Download and install professional software.
  • Browse and import mulberry emails into the software.
  • Select PST from the list of saving options and click save.

Benefits of Exporting from Mulberry to Outlook

  • Outlook offers a modern and friendly user interface as compared to the Mulberry. It provides a more visually soothing user experience.
  • It can easily integrate with other Microsoft services such as Office 365, Outlook.com. It results in enhancing collaboration and productivity within the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Outlook receives regular updates and support from Microsoft, ensuring that you have access to the latest features, security patches, and improvements.
  • Outlook is well-optimized for mobile devices. It provides dedicated mobile apps for convenient access to emails, calendar, and other features on the go.

Considering these factors, exporting from Mulberry to Outlook may offer a more feature-rich and integrated email experience for users or organizations. Now, let’s take a look at how we can export from Mulberry to Outlook.

How to Export Mulberry to Outlook?

Mulberry account saves or exports its emails in MBOX format, whereas Outlook supports PST file format. Hence, you should convert Mulberry emails to PST file before importing them into Outlook and 4n6 MBOX Converter can help you with that. This software can convert Mulberry emails to Outlook PST file in batch.

This software export your Mulberry profile data in one go in PST format. Let us now see how this software will convert the files of Mulberry.

Steps to Convert Mulberry Emails to Outlook PST 

  • Open Mulberry, go to File >> Tools and export emails in the MBOX format.
  • Download the mulberry to PST converter software and install and launch it.
    download tool to convert mulberry emails to outlook pst
  • Click the Open tab >> Emails Data Files >> MBOX files >> choose folder/files.
    click open button
  • Now, browse and import Mulberry files into the software panel.
    loaded mulberry files
  • Click the Export option and choose the PST files option.
    select pst saving option
  • Select location for the output files. Lastly, click the save button.
    export mulberry to outlook

Once all the Mulberry emails are converted into PST, you can import them into Outlook manually.

Read more about the Professional Software

  • This tool can export Mulberry to Outlook PST in bulk.
  • It preserves the integrity of data during the conversion process.
  • It can export all emails and attachments from Mulberry to Outlook.
  • Email properties, header information, and inline graphics are all preserved.
  • Folder Mode allows you to combine all Mulberry files into a single PST.
  • By default, each Mulberry file is saved as a distinct PST file.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. Can I export Mulberry to Outlook files in bulk with the help of this software?

Ans. This software can easily convert mulberry emails to Outlook PST file in bulk.

Ques 2. Can i just extract attachments from Mulberry?

Ans. This software is capable of extracting email files as well as attachments and phone numbers.

Ques 3. Does this software support all old or latest versions of Outlook?

Ans. Yes, this software support all Outlook versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Ques 4. Can i export emails from Mulberry directly to PST file?

Ans. No. The mulberry can only export emails in the MBOX format. You cannot directly export emails from Mulberry to Outlook PST file.

In Conclusion

Mulberry is a free open-source email client that lets you manage your emails, calendars, and contacts. However, it pales in comparison to Microsoft Outlook, which outperforms Mulberry in terms of email handling and security implementation. As a result, Mulberry users seek information on how to export to the Outlook platform. This blog will examine one such effective approach to export Mulberry to Outlook with optimum precision.