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Export Horde Email to Outlook without Any Client Requirement

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 14th, 2024
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In this article, you may discover the easiest way to export Horde email to Outlook. Here we will talk about whether it is useful to export cPanel Horde webmail to Outlook, what is the correct process and what precautions you should take before starting data migration. So, let’s start getting information with this article.

Horde is basically a free, open source, web-based email client. This groupware platform and PHP-based framework includes multiple modules for email, contents, tasks, etc. Although Horde offers various benefits like compatibility with different email protocols, flexibility, and extensibility, it has some downsides as well that make professionals switch to more serviceable client like Outlook.

Why Should You Export Emails from Horde to Outlook?

Although exporting Horde Mail to Outlook depends entirely on individual preferences, it can yield multiple benefits as well. Please explore the following points:

1. Complex User Interface: The interface of the cPanel Horde web-based client is a bit complicated. The features and some options can also be confusing. To manage emails communication easily, it is better to go for Outlook as it has a user-friendly interface and every feature is understandable.

2. Limited Integration: Horde can only integrate with other Horde Groupware such as Contacts and Calendars. It cannot integrate with other services and applications such as Outlook. Outlook lets you add and manage multiple accounts at the same time.

3. Performance: During the peak usage time, Horde may experience some performance issue. High loads on server can result in slow process time and delay in accessing emails. Outlook since it is a desktop client and stores data on local storage it does not cause any performance issue.

Overall, we can say that considering some factors and in some specific scenarios, it is better to export Horde Webmail to MS Outlook. Now, let’s move on and take a look at the best solution to achieve this data migration.

How Do We Export Horde Email to Outlook?

Horde does not have any built-in functionality to export emails directly to Outlook. The only function it has is to backup or export emails into MBOX file. But once this is done, we can make it possible to import these files directly into Outlook with the help of the professional application.

4n6 MBOX Converter is the smart solution that can help you export Horde email communications to Outlook. Once files are exported from Horde, this software can convert them to an Outlook compatible file format. It is a time saving tool that allows you to import multiple Horde mailbox to Outlook at once.

This tool is standalone and does not need you to download additional software to complete the migration process. You may download the tool for free using the button above. Also, please take a look at the steps below to understand the process to export emails from Horde to Outlook.

Steps to Export Horde Webmail to Outlook

  • First, open the cPanel and select the Email Accounts icon  to access the Horde Webmail.
  • To see mailboxes in Inbox, go to the Folder Actions menu and choose Show All Mailboxes.
    click folder action
  • Right-click the folder name and choose Export from the menu that appears.
    select export option
  • Select “Download into a MBOX file” and then click the OK button.
    select format to export horde emails
  • Once all the Horde mailboxes are saved, download and start the suggested software.
    start the tool to export Horde email to Outlook
  • Click the Open option > Select Email Data Files > Select MBOX Files or Folder option.
    click open and select email data file
  • Browse, select and add your Horde mail into the application panel.
    browse horde files
  • Now, click Export and then select PST from the drop down menu.
    select saving option
  • Lastly, choose the desired location to keep output and click the Save button.
    click save to export emails from Horde to Outlook

Once all the files are converted, you can manually import them into your Outlook account. You can follow the process given below to import the converted Horde files into Outlook account.

Import Horde Converted Files to Outlook

  • Go to Outlook and select “File.”
  • Click “Open & Export” and choose “Import/Export.”
  • Select “Import from another program or file.”
  • Opt “Outlook Data File (.pst).”
  • Browse and choose the Horde converted files.
  • Choose import options and click “Finish.”

That’s it! Your Horde emails are now exported to your Outlook account. Thanks to the software that makes it possible for you to import Horde email to Outlook since there is no direct solution for that. In order to help you gain more knowledge about the tool, we have listed some features. Please explore it.

Read More about the Amazing Software  

  • Batch Migration: This software allows you to export Horde data to Outlook in bulk. You may export multiple Horde mailbox into Outlook at the same time.
  • Create Single File: Once you convert Horde exported MBOX file to PST, you can create single file. With the tool you may create single file from multiple Horde mailboxes.
  • Export All Metadata: With this professional utility, you can export Horde email to Outlook with all attachment, contacts, calendar and other metadata elements.
  • Preview Data: The software also allows you to open MBOX files exported from Horde Web client. Before you convert your Horde file to Outlook format, you can read them.
  • Standalone: It is completely standalone and does not ask you to download additional software or setup an email client to export Horde mailbox to Outlook.

In Conclusion

Horde emails cannot be manually exported to Outlook. The 4n6 software, on the other hand, has given a solution to this issue. Users may export Horde email to Outlook with this tried-and-true utility. The tool comes with extensive features that allow users to export Horde mailbox data to Outlook PST with few clicks. You may download the expert solution from the link above and use it for free at first.

If you have any query and face any issue, you can content us anytime.

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