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Migrate IMAP to Exchange 2019, 2016 Directly With Related Data

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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4 Minutes Reading

Many customers are transitioning from IMAP to Exchange because to its enhanced search capabilities, new cloud-centric design, and enhanced SharePoint collaboration capabilities, among others. If you are among the people who wish to migrate IMAP to Exchange and are in search of an excellent solution, read the article in its entirety. Here you may discover a straightforward solution for transferring IMAP emails, contacts, and other properties directly to Exchange 2019, 2016 etc.

Exchange Server’s Improved Capabilities

Enhanced Failover Isolation

Exchange 2016 uses DAG to separate database processes to isolate problems. Changes to transaction log code and the passive database speed up Exchange 2016 failover. DAG uses Windows Server clustering and replication. All monitoring and recovery features focus on user experience by proactively restoring services or automating server failover.

Improved Security

Microsoft Exchange was built with security and privacy in mind, with a number of capabilities available at both the server and mailbox levels. Microsoft Exchange Server employs Kerberos authentication, a network security technology that offers equal network connection authentication.

Enhancements to Outlook on the Web and the Outlook App

Outlook has enhanced how it manages user activity. The inbox panel’s reading view has been streamlined, and you may archive, delete, or move messages with a single click. It also lets users undo their last mailbox operation with a simple click.

How to Migrate IMAP to Exchange Online?

4n6 IMAP Backup Wizard is one of the most secure and effective solutions to migrate IMAP mailboxes to Exchange online. It’s a full-featured IMAP-only programme that allows you to switch between several choices for your data. Furthermore, the programme is entirely efficient and does not necessitate a lengthy process for IMAP migration to Exchange 2019. It simply gives a few procedures for switching from IMAP to Exchange, which you should examine to become acquainted with them.

download button

Step-by-step Process to Migrate IMAP Mailboxes to Exchange Online

  • To obtain the software to migrate IMAP to Exchange, click the download link above. Install it, and then begin the IMAP migration to Exchange 2019, 2016.
    download imap migration to exchange tool
  • Open the Open tab when the software has started, then choose the Add account option from the drop-down menu.
    add account
  • Enter the information for your IMAP account and then choose the Add option.
    enter imap credentials
  • The application will then load all of the relevant data. If you wish to, you may preview your files.
    preview imap emails
  • You must now choose the Export option from the menu bar. Select IMAP from the drop-down selection in the box.
    select imap as saving choice
  • To transfer IMAP to Exchange server, provide your Exchange login information before clicking the Save.
    enter exchange credentials
  • The migration will now start right away. You will receive notification as soon as the IMAP migration to Exchange is finished.
    migration completion

This ends the procedure for migrating IMAP mailboxes to Exchange 2016, 2019, through the software. Now that the data migration has been finished successfully, it is time to examine the properties of the tool. Examine the following list of the software’s features in order to judge its excellence.

IMAP to Exchange Migration Tool: Discover More about it

  • Mass Data Migration: You may migrate IMAP to Exchange in bulk and in a single operation. The application is capable of choosing and converting an unlimited number of IMAP folders.
  • Transfer of All Data: The tool gives you the ability to transfer all of the data from IMAP mailboxes to Exchange. You are free to move any item, including attachments and contacts, to Exchange online.
  • Selective Data Migration: This tool gives customers the ability to migrate their data from IMAP to Exchange only when it is absolutely required to do so. You have complete control over which directories to migrate and which to leave in their original state.
  • System Support: It is compatible with all different iterations of the Windows operating system. As a direct consequence of this, you will not be needed to do an operating system upgrade.
  • Standalone: The process to migrate IMAP mailboxes to Exchange online does not require any additional applications. It is self-sufficient and competent to carry out the task without any assistance from outside sources.


We’ve provided you with the finest alternative to migrate IMAP to Exchange 2019, 2016. The IMAP email to Exchange migration tool is simple to use and only requires a few steps. It contains a demo version that you may download from the link above. With the free version, you may migrate IMAP mailboxes to Exchange as well as Gmail, Office 365, Apple Mail, MBOX, and other services. As a result, we strongly advise you to weigh the programme to easily do your task.