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Add IMAP Email to Apple Mail While Maintaining Data Integrity

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This guide is for you if you wish to immediately add IMAP email to Apple Mail without losing any data. If we were to summarise the information in this post, it would be that it provides a professional method for adding an IMAP account to Apple Mail, one that is entirely safe and allows you to quickly move the whole IMAP server to Mac Mail. If you find that the information presented in this article is helpful for you, we encourage you to continue reading it.

A Professional Way to Add IMAP Email to Mac Mail Account

IMAP Backup Wizard is an application designed exclusively for transferring IMAP account data. It enables you to add IMAP account to Mac Mail using only your login information and the IMAP server’s hostname and port. It is possible to connect an IMAP account with all of its contents to Apple Mail, including any folders, emails with attachments, contacts, and more. It is a totally secure app that offers a variety of migration-enhancing features. Below are a few of the actions you must take to transfer IMAP emails using the programme; review them to assess its usefulness.

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How to Add IMAP Email to Apple Mail Using the IMAP Migration Tool?

  • To add IMAP email to Mac Mail, you must first download the supporting application from the green button above. After that, start the installation and finally run it.
    download imap to mac mail migration tool
  • Now you need to click on the Open tab Then click on the Add Account option from the drop-down menu that appears.
    click add account option
  • Now you need to enter the credentials for your IMAP server. You must also provide the IMAP server name and port number for the same account. Then click the Add button.
    enter imap credentials
  • After successfully parsing your account credentials and if they are valid, the tool will load all your account folders. If you want, you can now click on the folder to open a specific email.
    preview emails
  • After analysing your emails or attachments; you can click the Export option on the menu bar. In the drop-down list, select MBOX as the storage option.
    select mbox saving option
  • Click “Browse” button to select the desired location for the created files and click “Save” button to add IMAP email to Apple Mail.
    click save to add imap email to apple mail

Note that since the programme is a Windows tool, you may complete the operation on Windows, transfer the converted files to a flash drive, and then paste them onto a Mac machine. The next step is importing MBOX files into Apple Mail. You can refer to the steps below to learn how to import MBOX to Apple Mail.

How to Import Created Files into Apple Mail?

  • Select File > Import Mailboxes from the Mail programme on your Mac.
  • Select a source from the list, read the details that show underneath the list, and then click Continue.

Select Apple Mail if you are importing a mailbox exported from Mail or a folder from /Library/Mail/ on another Mac. To access the Mail folder on a Mac, click the desktop to open the Finder, hold down the Option key, then pick Go > Library before selecting the Mail folder.

  • If you are importing messages from a machine running Windows or UNIX, pick “Files in mbox format” and then navigate to the folder holding the files.
  • If desired, reorganise the imported messages.
  • The messages are in a brand-new mailbox in the Mail sidebar named Import. Drag messages and folders from the Import mailbox to new or existing mailboxes, after which the Import mailbox may be deleted.

That is how the professional method operates. That is how you may use the programme to add IMAP Email to Apple Mail. Now that you’re familiar with the procedure, we recommend reading about some of the tool’s features. You can investigate some of the tool’s characteristics to have a better grasp of it.

Learn More about the IMAP to Apple Mail Migration Tool

  • The tool’s user interface is so simple that even novices can operate it.
  • It may bulk-add IMAP email to Apple Mail, including all related folders.
  • Allows the migration of data from more than 90 email providers, domains & servers.
  • Permits you to see IMAP-related data prior to its migration to your Mac Mail account.
  • Using this tool, you may check your IMAP messages in  hexadecimal, and raw mode.
  • You may add the email header for each of your emails before uploading to Mac Mail.
  • Using the search bar, you may locate any particular email or text.
  • The IMAP to Mac conversion programme is compatible with all versions of Windows.


In this post, you’ll learn which programme is best to add IMAP email to Apple Mail. The most popular programme for quickly moving massive amounts of data concurrently is the IMAP to Mac Mail migration tool. The program’s finest feature is how many different IMAP alternative saving choices it offers. Moving IMAP emails to Gmail, Office 365, PST, MBOX and other platforms is possible. Use this tool if you’re thinking about transferring your data to Mac Mail or any other choice.