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How to Migrate Gmail to Protonmail Account Directly without Dowtimes?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 19th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article will teach you how to seamlessly migrate Gmail to Protonmail without sacrificing any of your data in the process.

Migration has become a highly popular topic in modern times, at least among business users. They need to frequently migrate data from one platform to another in order to make use of the more advanced features. Concerning, however, is the topic of data migration in a secure manner. It is simple to move some email data to a different platform. However, things become more difficult when it comes time to migrate all of the data. Users are required to seek the assistance of experts in order to complete tasks of this type.

However, we worked on it and developed an application namely Gmail Backup Software that is simple to use for our customers so that they migrate all Gmail account data to Protonmail without the assistance of any specialists. Additionally, we have included a freeware version of our tool. One can try the tool and move some data without having to make any financial investment if they use this freeware. In order to fully understand the procedure, kindly take a look at the steps that are outlined below.


Steps to Migrate Gmail to Protonmail Directly Using Highly Secure App

1. After downloading the app on your computer, run it and click on Open button to begin the procedure.

click open to migrate gmail to protonmail

2. Now, click Add Account option from the given options.

click on add account

3. Enter the login details such as email address, password, and IMAP Server details. Then, click Add.

enter login details

4. You can see on the screen that the software starts analysing and loading your data.

loaded folders

5. Click on the loaded folders if you need to preview your Gmail account data.

preview your data

6. Now, click Export and choose IMAP as saving.

choose imap server

7. Here, kindly add the login details and IMAP Server details of your Protonmail account.

enter login details

8. After entering the correct login details, click on Save button to begin the migration process.

migration process

The application starts migrating Gmail to Protonmail account and the process will only take some moments. Once it done, login to your Protonmail account to check the resultant output.

That’s it. By following these simple step by step procedure, you can easily accomplish this task without facing issues. Now, let’s talk about the functionalities of this app which make it unique.

Please Note: If you don’t know the IMAP Server details of Gmail and Protonmail, then please have a look:

For Gmail: imap.gmail.com & 993

For Protonmail: mail.protonmail.com & 993

Advance and Eye-Catching Features of Gmail to Protonmail Software

  • Migrate in Bulk is Possible: This app is really useful to save time and efforts as it provides bulk migration facility. With this feature, you can migrate multiple Gmail mailboxes data to Protonmail at the same time.
  • Perform Selective Migration: With this app, selective Gmail mailboxes migration is possible. The tool allows users to check only those Gmail folders whose data you need to migrate into Protonmail account.
  • Migrate Complete Gmail Data: With this software, it is possible to migrate complete Gmail account data to Protonmail. You can safely migrate Gmail emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, and other data.
  • Transfer Emails with Attachments: It is the best tool to migrate Gmail to Protonmail account. The tool successfully allows users to migrate Gmail email messages to Protonmail along with attachments.
  • Migrate Email Headers: The tool also has the ability to migrate Gmail emails to Protonmail along with header information. Also, it provides the complete preview of header information before the migration process.
  • Preview All Gmail Account Data: With this software, one can preview all the information of Gmail account. It successfully previews Gmail emails, attachments, headers, hex values, and other information.

Commonly Asked Questions

Question 1 – Is it possible to migrate data to another savings too using your software?

Answer 1 – Yes, our software supports to migrate data to various file formats and email services like PST, PDF, MBOX, G Suite, Office 365, Thunderbird, Roundcube,and more.

Question 2 – Do I need to install any supportive application in order to migrate Gmail to Protonmail account?

Answer 2 – No, this application is standalone. You don’t have to install any supportive software to migrate Gmail account data to Protonmail account.

Question 3 – Can I use this utility to extract my Gmail account properties to desktop account?

Answer 3 – Yes, you can extract properties like Email Addresses, Email Attachments, and more.

Question 4 – Can I run this application on Windows 11 platform?

Answer 4 – Yes, it successfully supports Windows 11 version and all the earlier editions.

Question 5 – Is there any file size restrictions imposed on the licensed edition to migrate Gmail data to Protonmail?

Answer 5 – No, using the licensed edition, you can migrate unlimited data from Gmail to Protonmail account without facing any type of hassle.

The Wrap Up

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading today’s post, which explains how to migrate Gmail to Protonmail account. There are a very limited number of possible solutions to complete this challenge. In which our software received the highest possible rating. Using our program, one may quickly transfer all of the data from their Gmail account over to their Protonmail account, including all of the properties.