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A Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate AOL Mail to Gmail Account

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 28th, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article is for people who need to migrate AOL Mail to Gmail account without having their information changed or lost in the process.

Have you made up your mind to move all of your AOL emails over to your Gmail account, or do you plan to switch entirely from AOL Mail to Gmail? If you answered “yes,” then you should read this article.

You may effortlessly move all of your data from your AOL Mail account to your Gmail account by using the program that we will provide to you here, which is the most powerful and reliable.

Before we continue, let’s examine the following query to see why someone would wish to do such a migration.

“Hello, I use many email accounts for professional purposes. I regularly utilize AOL and Gmail for my email needs. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain many email accounts at the same time. Both of my accounts have very important information stored within them. Now, I’ve made the decision to keep with just my Gmail account. So, I need to migrate AOL Mail data to Gmail. Please provide me a solution to accomplish my task.”


This is a single query only. There are a large number of requests from individuals with various needs on the internet. Therefore, let’s present users with a robust strategy that can easily transfer AOL to Gmail account.

Quick Way to Migrate AOL Mail to Gmail Account

In order to get the accurate and safe migration, it is suggested to download 4n6 AOL Mail Backup Software. Our team developed this solution while keeping the needs of users in mind. With this utility, personal and business users can migrate AOL Mail to Gmail account without facing hassle. This utility is designed to perform bulk or single migration.

In addition, operating this program is incredibly straightforward because to its simple user interface. This program for migrating AOL mailboxes to Gmail accounts is so simple to use that even non-technical users won’t have any trouble with it.

Also, this AOL to Gmail Backup Tool has a free demo version. Therefore, it is recommended that you begin by utilizing the free software. Before you spend any money on this program, you can test out how it operates and what features it offers with the aid of this free software. Additionally, the program gives you the option to migrate some AOL mail data over to your Gmail account. So, download the app now and starts migrating data.


Simple Steps to Migrate AOL Emails to Gmail Account

1. Once this AOL to Gmail tool is downloaded, install and run it properly on your machine. Then, click on Open button to begin the process.

click open to migrate aol mail to gmail

2. Now, from the opened list, choose Add Account option.

click on add account

3. Enter login credentials such as email address and password of AOL Mail account then click Add.

enter credentials

4. This utility will starts analysing the data and load them on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. Click on the mailboxes and check the complete preview of your AOL Mail account.

preview of aol data

6. Now, click on the Export tab and choose Gmail as the saving.

choose gmail account

7. After entering your username and password for your Gmail account, make sure you click the Save option.

saving option

Users will be able to safely convert their AOL Mail accounts to Gmail if they follow these procedures. After the migration is finished, please sign in to your Gmail account so that you may see the output.

In What Ways Does This Tool Overcome the Limitations of the Manual Procedure?             

  • You may not be able to filter your messages using manual method. But our solution successfully supports the same.
  • Using manual method, you can only migrate AOL emails to Gmail one by one. But with the help of professional method, you can migrate data in batch.
  • In the event that the process is disrupted in any way, you may be need to begin everything from the beginning. If this is not done, there is a chance that certain files will experience a circumstance in which they lose data.
  • Alterations can also be made to the directory structure of these files at times. But, our solution maintains structure and properties while migrating AOL Mail data to Gmail account.

Why Choose 4n6 AOL to Gmail Transfer Software?

  • Migrate Complete Data: This utility is useful to migrate complete data from AOL Mail to Gmail account in easy steps.
  • Multiple Savings Support: It is the most effective software for moving data from AOL to Gmail. In addition to Gmail, it offers the migration of data into other savings, such as PDF, PST, MBOX, G Suite, Office 365, and other saves.
  • Safe and Tested App: It is risk-free to use this tool to transfer emails from AOL to a Gmail account. In addition to that, it has been evaluated and ranked by qualified IT specialists.
  • Migrate Email Attachments: With this app, you can migrate AOL emails to Gmail including all attachments.
  • Provides Preview of Data: Before migrating data into Gmail account, this software allows you to preview your AOL Mail account data.
  • Migrate Email Headers and More: Also, using this application, you can migrate AOL emails to Gmail account with headers, hex values, and other information.
  • Standalone Program: This AOL to Gmail Migration software is standalone. There is no need to download any supportive app to migrate AOL data into Gmail directly.
  • Selective Migration: Also, if you need to transfer data from selected AOL mailboxes into Gmail, it is possible with this app. The app allows you to choose only those mailboxes whose data you need to migrate.
  • Amazing Windows Compatibility: Our program is compatible with all different versions of Windows. Therefore, it does not matter whatever version of Windows you are using. It is able to support Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and older releases.

Wrap Up

If you have the correct solution, migrating from AOL Mail to Gmail has become an extremely simple process. In the above content, we have also provided a most reliable and effective solution to migrate AOL to Gmail account. The utility is very simple to use and free from any kind of risk. We promise that our solution will produce safe and secure outcomes. We are aware of the significance of user data.