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Migrate AOL Mail to Yahoo with Selective Mailboxes

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 26th, 2024
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6 Minutes Reading

Overview: This article teaches you how to transfer AOL to Yahoo. Here, you can explore how to forward or permanently migrate AOL mail to Yahoo with all or selective labels. So, let’s get started with this informative post and discover multiple ways to migrate your data.

Although both AOL and Yahoo.com are email services, the features and values they offer to users are what set them apart. While many users still stuck with AOL, its lack of innovation and improved service prompted them to move to a more user-friendly platform and Yahoo emerged as a better option for them. In the section below, we have described some of the great benefits of adding AOL email to Yahoo, which you can explore.

Why Transfer AOL to Yahoo?

  • Integration: AOL offers limited integration with other services and apps compared to Yahoo Mail. Yahoo has an entire ecosystem of Yahoo Search, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo News that you can access and use from one platform for a cohesive experience.
  • Advanced Features: AOL Mail lacks advanced and customizable features like search option and spam filtering. Yahoo Mail offers customizable themes, spam filtering, and calendar and formatting options.
  • Improved Interface: One of the main reasons why users switch from AOL to Yahoo is the outdate interface. Its design is older and less interactive, while Yahoo offers a more interactive and attractive user interface for all levels of users.

These are some of the features of Yahoo that make it the best alternatives for users when switching from AOL. Now, let’s get back to our work and find out the best ways to transfer AOL email to Yahoo Mail.

How to Add AOL Mail to Yahoo Mail

There are two basic ways to add data from the AOL service to your Yahoo account.

  • Migrate AOL mail to Yahoo
  • Forward AOL email to Yahoo.

These are two different methods. However, you should know that by forwarding, you can add only new emails and not old ones. Please start by exploring both methods in detail below and decide which one you want to use.

Method 1) Forward AOL Email to Yahoo Mail

  • Firstly; set up automatic forwarding in your AOL mail account.
  • Sign in to your AOL inbox, and then go to Settings.
  • Click General Settings from the various options in the left menu.
  • Now, click on the option called Forwarding.
  • Select Forward a Copy of Incoming Mail to.
  • Enter your Yahoo forwarding address, then click Save
  • Now go to Yahoo Mail and accept email forwarding from your AOL account.

So, this is the first way to add AOL to Yahoo. This method somehow has some conditions and drawbacks that you should review.

Limitations of the Method

  • This method is bit technical and need you to go through multiple manual settings.
  • Using this method, you cannot add old AOL emails to your Yahoo account.
  • This method is not preferred for users who want to switch from AOL to Yahoo, since with the redirection both accounts must be active.

If you do not find this method preferable for you, please see the method below as it will allow you to switch permanently from the AOL account by allowing you to migrate the total data at once.

Method 2) Migrate AOL Mail to Yahoo

4n6 Email Backup software is the most valuable and preferred solution to transfer AOL email to Yahoo account. This software allows you to migrate bulk AOL mailboxes to Yahoo at the same time with all metadata properties. This software is easy to use and comes in a free version that you can download and use using the button below.

Unlike the manual method, it is preferred for non-technical users as well. This software is also time efficient and allows you to migrate AOL to Yahoo in just a few simple steps. You may find all the steps to use the tool below.

Steps to Migrate AOL Mailboxes to Yahoo in Batch

  • Download, install and start the AOL Backup Software on Windows.
    start the tool to migrate AOL mail to Yahoo
  • Click the Open from the menu and choose Add Account from the given options.
    click open and add account
  • Enter the email address, password, and IMAP Server details of your AOL account and click Add.
    enter AOL credentials
  • This powerful app starts analyzing the AOL account and load mailboxes on the left panel.
    loaded AOL mailboxes
  • Now, go to the Export option and choose IMAP from drop-down list.
    select IMAP option
  • Enter Yahoo credentials and IMAP Server details. Finally, click on the Save button.
    save to migrate from AOL to Yahoo mail

You can see the live working status of migrating AOL Mail to Yahoo on your screen. The migration process will only take some moments. Once you got the message of completion, please login to your Yahoo Mail account and check your migrated data. Also, if you want to know more about this amazing software, keep reading on…

Features of AOL to Yahoo Mail Migration Application

  • Get Accurate Result: We ensure you that our application will give you accurate result. When you migrate AOL Mail to Yahoo account, this solution preserves all the properties. There will be no modification done with the original formatting.
  • Migrate Multiple Mailboxes: With the help of this method, you can migrate multiple AOL mailboxes to Yahoo at the same time. This bulk migration feature will help you to save time and efforts.
  • Migrate Selected Mailboxes: If you are one of those users who needs to migrate selected AOL labels to Yahoo, then this is the best option for you. This app allows you to check only those folders whose data you need to migrate.
  • Previews All You AOL Data: With the aid of this tool, you can get the preview of your AOL Mail account. You can preview your AOL emails, attachments, message headers, hex values, and other data.
  • Move Email Headers: This tool allows you to migrate AOL emails to Yahoo with all header information such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject etc.
  • Provides Multiple Savings: This powerful application provides so many file savings. With this app, you can migrate AOL mailboxes to Gmail, Exchange Server, Zoho Mail, Outlook.com, and more.

The Final Words

In the above post, we have provided the perfect solutions that can easily transfer AOL to Yahoo without facing issues. You may either use the manual forwarding option which only allows you to add old emails. Alternatively, you may use the expert tool that allows you to migrate AOL mail to Yahoo with all metadata properties. Also, with this app, users can transfer all or selective mailboxes as per the need.