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How to Convert AOL Email to PDF Documents with Headers?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
December 29th, 2023
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6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Thinking to convert AOL email to PDF format but are having trouble finding the appropriate solution? There is no need for alarm. Now, we are here to assist you in any way we can.

If we deal with emails on a regular basis, then we are familiar with the majority of the popular desktop and cloud services. One of them is AOL webmail. In the present day, we are working on migration queries for AOL. Email services come with a great deal of benefits, which may be used to manage or organize emails. However, in addition to those benefits, they come with a few drawbacks. If we take the case of web services such as AOL, for instance, we are unable to access them while we are not connected to the internet. Or, if some kind of emergency caused us to lose our data, there is no way for us to retrieve it.

So, at that point, what options do we have?

If you choose to continue using AOL Mail, you should take regular backups of your AOL emails and other data. Therefore, if you lose data for whatever reason, you may quickly retrieve it.

If you need to switch from one AOL application to another, you should also keep a copy of your information.

In short, experts always say to keep a copy of your important emails, no matter what you need to do.

Therefore, in the following section of content, we are going to explain how to convert AOL email to the PDF format, which is a really good option to retain a backup of your emails.

How to Convert AOL Email to PDF Format?

Looking for a manual way to convert AOL data to PDF format? Yes, there is a manual method for doing this activity. However, the manual technique has several limitations when it comes to exporting AOL data to PDF format. When you need to save only a selected number of emails in PDF format, the manual technique is an excellent option.

However, manual solution is not successful when trying to convert data in bulk. It is recommended that you utilize professional software such as 4n6 AOL Mail Backup Software in order to convert several AOL emails into PDF format all at once. Using this application, one can effortlessly convert data from an AOL account into PDF format without having to deal with any kind of problem. Additionally, the application features a straightforward graphical user interface. This incredible program is simple to use and does not require assistance from a technical or non-technical user in any way.

Additionally, a free demo version of this AOL to PDF Converter Tool is available to download. You may evaluate the functionality of this software as well as its features before making any financial commitments by downloading the free version. You also have the option of converting some of your AOL data into PDF format by using this software. In the following paragraphs, we are going to walk you through the procedure step by step utilizing the free demo version function.


Working Process to Export AOL Mail to PDF Document Format

1. Once the freeware downloaded on your computer, run it and click on the Open tab provided on the top.

click open to convert aol email to pdf

2. Now, a list of options will appear, choose Add Account option from it.

click on add account

3. Here, you have to enter the login details of your AOL account and click on Add button.

enter the credentials

4. When you click Open, this solution will load your AOL mailboxes on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. Now, click on the loaded folders and preview of your AOL data.

check preview of aol

6. Go to the Export option and select document saving PDF.

choose pdf format

7. Now, check the folders, choose the destination path, and click on Save button. The application starts converting AOL email to PDF format and it will take only a few seconds.

saving process

After the AOL to PDF Conversion is finished, a notification informing you that it was successful will appear on your screen.

Get the Accurate Conversion

There are a plethora of applications, both free and for a fee, that facilitate the conversion of AOL email to PDF format. However, our application has received positive feedback. All of the limits that were imposed by the manual or free method are overcome by the 4n6 program. Additionally, our program makes it possible to precisely convert AOL email to PDF format without the loss of any information in the process. We are well aware that this program is able to satisfactorily fulfil any and all of your converting requirements while also delivering accurate outcomes to you.

What Does This Software Offer That Other Tools Do Not?

Conversion of Email Headers and Other Information: This program was developed with personal users, IT experts, and forensics users in mind from the start. Our program effectively provides the ability to examine or convert AOL emails including header information. This piece of software is the only one that supports this capability. Users of Forensics will find that this is of great assistance. In addition to that, it offers a preview of the Hex View.

Some of the Other Functions of This AOL to PDF Software?

  • This application allows you to convert multiple AOL mailboxes to PDF document at the same time.
  • Successfully supports to convert AOL emails as PDF with attachments in easy steps.
  • This utility has the ability to export AOL emails, headers, and other information to PDF documents.
  • Also, while converting AOL account data to PDF, this application maintains all the properties.
  • With this application, users can easily export selected AOL account data to PDF as per the need.
  • The application allows users to choose the location where you need to save the resultant output.
  • Also, there is no need to install any supportive application to export AOL emails to PDF format.
  • The software provides so many filter options to get the desirable conversion without facing issues.
  • You can run this AOL to PDF tool on Windows 11, Windows 10, and other editions.
  • One of the best things about this app is it has a very simple graphical user interface.

Concluding Words

In the above blog post, we have provided the method to convert AOL email to PDF format. The suggested app is useful to export complete data from AOL account to PDF along with all the attached information. So, use the app and get this task done in easy steps.