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How to Import Google Takeout Emails to Office 365 Account Directly?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
February 23rd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Do you want to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 account? If yes then you have come to the right page, here you will get two such solutions, with the help of which you will be able to complete this conversion very easily. Although it is not possible to take any data directly into Office 365 account, still we have found two solutions. You will get to know this in the next section, but before that, we will know what are the benefits of this conversion.

What are the Advantages of Google Takeout to Office 365 Conversion?

Let’s talk about the advantages of import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 immediately.

  • All of the Microsoft Office applications are included in the software bundle known as Office 365, along with a number of other apps including One Note, Outlook, Skype for Business, and others.
  • It includes both stronger threat protection capabilities as well as security features.
  • Office 365 administrators are in charge of all user accounts.
  • However, access to more storage spaces requires a more expensive Microsoft Office 365 online subscription.
  • With its many security measures, including two-factor authentication, Office 365 is a totally secure environment that prevents unauthorised users from accessing your information even if they manage to get hold of your device.

This is the reason why the user chooses the Office 365 account for the conversion instead of selecting any other email client.

But still, many users do not know how to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 accounts. To overcome this problem, first of all, let’s put the approach as a manual method.

But before starting any method, you will have to download the data from Google Takeout. If you have already downloaded the data, then it is very good, if you have not done so, then for that we have given the below steps and downloaded the emails by following those steps.

Download Data from Google Takeout Service

  1. First, open Gmail and choose “Manage Your Google Account.”
  2. Next, choose “Data & Privacy” from the menu.
    data and privacy
  3. Select “Download Your Data” from the option that appears.
    download data
  4. Now click “Deselect All” and choose the necessary data.
    select data
  5. Apply the filter next in accordance with your demands.
    deliver method
  6. Choose the “Create Export” icon last.
    create export

Method 1: Export Google Takeout Data to Office 365 Account by Using Manual Method

Now the first thing to do is to configure the email id that is logged into your Office 365 email client in Thunderbird, and then import the downloaded file (.MBOX) into Thunderbird. let’s see how it will be

Step 1: Configure Office 365 Account to Thunderbird

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird, then choose to add a new email address.
  2. Select “skip this and use my current email” when prompted whether you want to use a new email address.
    welcome screen
  3. Now, input the information that will show in the “from” field of emails you send, including your name and email address.
    enter login detail
  4. Thunderbird will make an automated effort to locate the email settings. If this is unsuccessful, Thunderbird will fail to locate the settings for your email account and an error message will appear.
    imap detail
  5. Select “Done.”

Now your Office 365 account is well configured in Thunderbird Let us now see how to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 account

Step 2: Import Downloaded Files into Thunderbird Account

  1. To import an MBOX file, open Thunderbird, go to Tools and then select ImportExportTools, and then choose Import MBOX file.
  2. To begin, go to the menu and choose “Import directly one or more.” Click “OK” when you see the MBOX files pop-up window.
  3. The MBOX file should be located in the designated directory.choose file
  4. As seen below, all of your Google takeout files have been imported into Office 365.
    seen office 365 emails

Demerits of Manual Method

As you can see yourself, this method is very long and very complicated, some of the limitations are described below:

  • This method can take a lot of time for you to use, due to which you can miss a lot of tasks.
  • With this method being lengthy, you may also get frustrated and on this method, you cannot be 100% sure that it will import all your data into your Office 365 account.

Method 2: Import Google Takeout Emails to Office 365 Account by Using Automatic Software

4n6 Google Takeout Converter Software is the best automatic tool to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 account. With the help of this, you can also convert Google Takot emails in bulk to many different formats. In this, you also get a dual option to upload the file, with the help of which you can also upload a single file and the whole folder in which many files are stored. This Google Takeout to Office 365 backup tool is completely 100% safe and secure in which you can complete your conversion without any worries.

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How to Use Google Takeout to Office 365 Converter Software?

  1. Firstly, download the Google takeout to Office 365 converter software and then install it on your windows platform
    google takeout to office 365 converter
  2. After that, click on the open button and then select the Email data files >> Google Takeout File option to upload the files
    upload google takeout files
  3. After the uploading, you can preview Google Takeout emails in different modes on the right side of the software panel
    preview google takeout emails
  4. Thereafter, click on the Export button and then select the Office 365 option to continue the conversion process
  5. Lastly, choose the destination path after clicking the browse button and then hit the save button


Users are looking for a solution to import Google Takeout emails to Office 365 accounts and they also face a lot of problems. To overcome this time of the user, we have told about two methods in this blog, out of which you can use any one as per your requirement. If you believe us, then you should go for automatic software because manual methods have no 100% confidence that they can export all your data.