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How to Import DBX Files to Windows 10 Mail? A Simplest Approach

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 24th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

If you are experiencing several problems with your Longley-saved DBX files but cannot discard them because they contain essential data, you may make better use of them by setting them to your Windows 10 default email client, Windows 10 mail. Here, we’ll talk about how to import DBX files to Windows 10 Mail and the changes that will be made to your DBX files as a result. So, continue reading.

Some Technical Considerations Prior to Importing DBX to Windows 10 Mail

Windows 10 Mail is the primary email client for the Windows 10 OS. The drawback of the account is that you cannot import any files because it lacks import/export capabilities. You can only add email services to the Mail account in order to access their data.

Therefore, the only and correct way to view EML files via Windows 10 Mail is to import EML files to a cloud-based email provider such as Gmail or another. After importing EML to a cloud account, you may add that account to Windows 10 Mail in order to view EML files. So, let’s discuss how you intend to do this.

A Simplest Way to Import DBX Files to Windows 10 Mail

DBX Converter Tool is the most effective and user-friendly tool to import Outlook Express to Windows 10 Mail. It is a standalone application that does not require the configuration of a compatible email client. It is compatible with all available Windows OS versions, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1,8, and lower. We have outlined the necessary procedures to import DBX to Windows 10 Mail. Follow them in order to determine what you must do at each one.

download button

Step-by-step Procedure to Import Outlook Express to Windows 10 Mail

  • To import DBX to Windows 10 mail, you must download the utility from the URL provided above. Install it and then start it to initiate the converting process.
    download the dbx to windows 10 mail converter
  • Click the Open tab and then pick Choose files or Choose folders from the drop-down menu after the application has launched.
    choose dbx files or folders
  • Start by uploading the DBX files you wish to convert to the DBX to Windows 10 Mail conversion application.
    upload dbx files to the tool
  • Once all of the files have been uploaded to the application, you may preview them to ensure that you are converting the correct ones.
    preview files
  • Continue by selecting Email services from the available options after clicking the Export.
    select storage option
  • Enter the Email address and password for the account you wish to import into Windows 10 Mail, and then click the Save button to import DBX files to Windows 10 mail.
    click save to import dbx files to windows 10 mail

These are the only steps required to import a DBX file into the Windows 10 mail application. In addition to the method, you would want to know about the tool’s additional features. You must examine them to have a better grasp of the instrument.

Find Some Traits of the DBX to Windows 10 Mail Converter

  • Bulk Conversion; The app provides the ability to import Outlook Express to Windows 10 Mail in bulk. The app does not limit the number of files that can be converted simultaneously.
  • Preview Function: The utility also functions as a viewer for DBX files. This part of the programme allows you to inspect DBX files’ emails and attachments prior to converting them.
  • Multiple Preview Mode: The application allows you to view DBX files in several ways for DBX file forensics. The programme allows you to check emails in hex and raw form.
  • Search Mode: The search enables you to locate certain emails or attachments from a particular time period or address. Utilize the tool’s search bar to access the feature.

Note: one of the nicest things about the programme is that it comes with a free, fully-functional demo version that may be used without cost. The free edition has extremely restricted converting capabilities, but is ideal for learning the programme. The free edition of the utility also allows you to convert DBX to EML, PDF, and PST.


Utilize the finest DBX to Windows 10 Mail converter to import DBX files to Windows 10 Mail app. The tool is ideal for your converting needs because it only involves a few clicks on your part, and it offers a free trial version for you to try. The licenced version can import DBX to Gmail, Office 365, and MBOX as well. We advise you to rapidly download the tool in order to appreciate all of its features.