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How to Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV Format? Best Two Methods

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 14th, 2023
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Looking for a solution to export Zimbra Contacts to CSV. You might think that this task is the most difficult one, but now we help you to change your perception about it. Let us make this one of the easiest tasks for you. So let’s get ready.

Communication is one of the most important rights we have today. And to keep them safe, we usually back them up and also use email accounts for that purpose. But you have to keep in mind that it is very difficult to get all contacts from accounts at once, and here we need a solution.

So let us now provide it for you. We provide you with the two best solutions that can export Zimbra contacts to CSV. No matter how many contacts there are, they can all be exported at the same time. So do it quickly and accomplish your goal.

Best Way to Convert Zimbra Contacts to CSV Format

Here you will be provided two solutions to export Zimbra Contacts to CSV, with the help of which you will complete this task. The first solution is a manual in which you can export your contacts. And the second method is an automatic solution, in which you also get many different filter options, with the help of which you can make your work even easier.

#1: Export Zimbra Contacts to CSV Using Zimbra Application 

  1. First, launch the Zimbra email client.
  2. Select “Preference” from the menu on the top panel.
  3. In the left panel of the preference options, select Import / Export.
  4. Now select the Export option.
  5. Select the folder to export contacts to.
  6. Choose CSV as your saving format.
  7. Browse to the desired place, then click Save.

#2: Convert Zimbra TGZ Contacts to CSV File Using Automatic Solution

The solution to your problem that can make this task the easiest is the 4n6 Zimbra Converter Tool. As you can expect based on the name, this software is only devoted to Zimbra, therefore your data will be moved with ease.

This software is entirely automated and can do the work on its own. You only have to do a few clicks and you can export Zimbra contacts to CSV. There are several advantages to implementing this system. Let’s name a few of them so that you can get an idea of the capability of the tool.

One of the biggest benefits is that the process is very small and very simple. It will not be difficult for you to follow. We offer you a complete guide for it. Take a good look at it as this will tell you how to export Zimbra contacts to CSV.

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Process for Exporting Contacts from Zimbra to CSV

  1. Install the tool by accepting some basic terms and conditions, and then run it when it has been set up.run the tool to export zimbra contacts to csv
  2. To load data, click Open and then pick the Zimbra files and folders option.load zimbra data
  3. The mailboxes of your chosen account will now be loaded into the tool’s left pane. You may preview it here if requiredpreview Zimbra emails
  4. Select CSV from the drop-down box after clicking the Export tab.choose csv saving
  5. After that, click the Browse button to choose a location to store the resulting files, and then press the Save button.
    click save button

Your Zimbra contacts will now be exported in CSV format in a matter of seconds. As soon as the procedure is completed, you will be notified. Your job is now finished. Congratulation!

See from the process, isn’t it small and very convenient? That’s why we said this is also an advantage. But now it’s time to share with you other benefits associated with the tool. These benefits are in terms of the features.

Look out for Some Features of the Zimbra to CSV Converter

1. Account Automatically Recognizes: This application is automated so as are all of its processes. This app can easily discover all the accounts that you have configured with Zimbra. This feature helps you upload all account data at once.

2. Export Selective Folders: If you select the configured account, all mailboxes will be loaded into the tool, now it is possible that all your contacts are only in certain folders. Hence, this app allows you to select and deselect folders so that you can only export the important ones

3. Select Zimbra Manually: What if you don’t have the account setup and merely have Zimbra data on your computer? Well, you don’t need to worry; this app has already taken several situations into account. No matter what you can export Zimbra contacts to CSV. As a result, you may manually choose files and directories here as well.

4. Export Contacts in Bulk: The main reason for suggesting this tool is that it takes very little time to export Zimbra contacts to CSV, and that’s because you can export them all at once. No matter how big your contacts are, all you have to do is follow the process once you’re done.

5. Zimbra Data Preview: This application is also useful when you want to preview Zimbra contacts. You can check your contacts before exporting them. However, if you don’t have a suitable app for accessing Zimbra data, you may use this app instead.

6. Save in Place You Want: If you wish to store your contacts at a location of your choosing, this software is for you. This app allows you to browse the destination so you can choose completely separate locations and keep them safe from being mixed up with other previously downloaded files.


Zimbra contacts exporter seems to be one of the best uses to export Zimbra contacts to CSV. This program offers you all of the convenience you’ll need to accomplish your aim. It has a simple user interface and many features that will make your trip more comfortable. So if you need a pleasant trip too, this is the app that you need to try.

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