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How to Convert Zimbra Email to PDF Document Format in Bulk ?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 17-10-2022 ~ Zimbra ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Which file type is the most easily accessible? The format that is simple to manage, simple to share, and can keep your data as organized as possible. We’ll assume you’ve already guessed the name. Yes, PDF gives you all of these advantages. So, are you considering backing up or converting your emails to PDF format? Do you use the Zimbra email client and want to convert your emails? If yes, then this post can help you a lot.

So let’s read further.

Hello, support team. One of your tools once helped me a lot with a data migration; today I suddenly have the requirement to convert Zimbra email to PDF. My accounts contain tons of mailboxes and I need to convert them all. So offer me a solution that can do this job in the shortest possible way.

– David, Taxes

Such a query gives us the idea to write about something. Looking at the query, you can relate to the situation as all things ultimately end up with the same question: convert Zimbra to PDF. So we are now offering you the solution for this so that you and anyone else who needs the same solution can get it from here.

An All-in-One Tool to Convert Zimbra Email to PDF

The solution that can help you achieve your goal easily is 4n6 Zimbra Converter Software. As you can see from the name, this app is specially designed for Zimbra data migration and can therefore carry out this task very conveniently and according to your wishes in a few moments.

This tool is ideal for converting Zimbra emails to PDF format. Let us now discuss how and why this application is all-inclusive, as well as its benefits. We would like to give you some of its functions for this reason. The features provide insight into the tool and allow you to choose why you should use this application.

Check Out Some Features of the Zimbra to PDF Converter

With the value of your time in mind, we’d like to briefly explain the features to you so that you can learn more about them in no time.

  • For the convenience of usage, this Zimbra emails Converter includes a basic user interface.
  • This application can automatically detect the account you configured with Zimbra.
  • You can also manually select the Zimbra files and folders, if not set up with an account.
  • This tool can easily convert Zimbra email to PDF in bulk without any limitation.
  • You can also convert attachments linked to the Zimbra account emails.
  • Before converting Zimbra emails and attachments, you may preview them.
  • It allows you to include the email header. Your choice is whether to include it or not.
  • This app is stand-alone and doesn’t require any other app configuration for help.
  • This Zimbra email converter can run on any old or new version of Windows.
  • You can browse the location to select the desired destination for the resulting files.

These functions are very useful to you and can be used for various purposes. But at the same time, we have to tell you that most of the best features are still to be explored and we’re leaving them to you.

You now know why this app is best for you, but now we have to tell you how to convert Zimbra email to PDF using this app. For this purpose, we would like to offer you step-by-step instructions. Check it out and finally solve your problem.

Process for Easily Converting Emails from Zimbra to PDF

Click the following link to get the Zimbra to PDF Converter for your Windows platform:


Follow the on-screen steps to install the programme. Please run it once the installation is complete. Now you must click on the Open button.

click on open

The utility will allow you to load Zimbra files and folders in dual mode.

choose files or folders

All of the mailboxes associated with the chosen account have now been loaded into the tool, and you can see them in the left pane. You may access the data when it has been uploaded in its entirety.

loaded folders

Click on the mailboxes and preview your Zimbra mailboxes.

preview your data

After that, go to the Export tab and choose PDF from the drop-down menu.

choose pdf

Finally, click the Save button after browsing the location to pick the preferred destination for the resultant files.

Your Zimbra emails will now be converted to PDF file format in a matter of moments. As soon as the procedure is completed, you will be notified. If you want, you can access the file location directly through the portal that appears in the tool’s UI when the process is complete.

Well, guess what, we’re not done yet. If you have any questions about this tool, you can watch the question-and-answer session. We hope this session will help you in the best possible way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try this tool before buying it?

Yes, you are capable of doing the task. You may use the trial version of this tool to convert certain emails to PDF. As a result, you can assess its quality.

If I need to use this tool in two different systems, do I have to buy the license key again?

No, you just need to register the same licence key in a different account before using this tool to convert Zimbra emails to PDF.

Is it possible to use this software on a Mac?

No, this programme is not currently available for Mac. You may, however, run it on Windows.


Zimbra email converter seems to be one of the best applications that you can use to convert Zimbra email to PDF. This app is easy to use and has tons of features to make your journey easier. It is effective and efficient which can do this job in quick moments. As a result, we highly advise you to utilise this tool for a better experience.