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A User Guide to Export Outlook Emails to CSV with Date Range

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 3rd, 2023
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4 Minutes

Do you want a quick solution to export Outlook emails to CSV with date range? If your answer is yes, then you need to check it out 4n6 Outlook Email Converter. This tutorial explains step by step how to convert Outlook email files to CSV based on date range using a professional tool. But first, let’s check some user queries:

User Query;

Query 1: Last time, I exported my Outlook emails to CSV using the in-built option provided by MS Outlook. But, this time I need to export outlook emails to CSV with date. Outlook has no option for this. How can I fulfil my task? The professionals guide me with the best solution.

-Jordy Char

Query 2: Hello I have a lot of emails kept in my outlook account and now I have to give all those emails to my team for email marketing but in that, I have to convert email to CSV according to date range if anyone has any solution Let me know so that I can send my email. Quickly convert email from Outlook account to CSV without wasting time

-Liana Dork

How to directly export Outlook emails to CSV with date? It is a query of several users. One can solve this problem successfully in just time. Use the Outlook to CSV conversion tool to view your Outlook emails in a comma-separated values file by date range. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to save Outlook email to CSV with the date.

Let’s get started!

Export Outlook Emails to CSV with Date Range with Screenshot

Free Download

  • First, download and run the Outlook to CSV Conversion tool on the Windows platform.
    download outlook to csv converter
  • Go to the Open File tab. Choose the desired option to load Outlook files.
    load outlook emails
  • The software is an automated solution. It provides a complete preview of emails with attachments.
    emails preview
  • Go to the Advanced Search. Choose Emails in the Search List. Now, choose the dates from which you want to see emails till the date.
    advance search option
  • Choose the Export option & Select CSV option.
    select csv
  • Enter the location to see the resultant data at the desired location. Check the filters provided by the advanced solution. Then, finally, click on the Save tab.
    save csv files

The software starts exporting email messages from Outlook to CSV with the date. The resultant folder automatically gets open when the process gets completed. So, in this fast & accurate way you can export Outlook emails to CSV with date. The tool is a reliable product and gives results without any data loss.

Watch the tutorial to learn the easy steps:

Benefits of using Outlook to CSV Converter Tool

  • Using this software, Digital Forensics Investigators can easily open, read, and search Outlook data files without Outlook installation.
  • This software has dual search facilities such as Quick and Advance search to export Outlook emails to CSV with date.
  • The tool is completely safe and Windows-based. It supports all the editions of Windows and Microsoft Outlook.
  • The tool provides a compact view option. By enabling this option, the tool will provide only the user’s folder.
  • His software is also helpful to search for information in email headers without facing any hassle.
  • Outlook export to CSV with date solution maintains complete information during the process.
  • The user can also extract email addresses and attachments using the product.
  • Outlook to CSV Export Tool is portable in nature. The user can download it anywhere, anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Can I use this product to export my Outlook emails to a CSV file for Windows?

Answer 1. Yes, The utility is capable of exporting selective and multiple Outlook emails to CSV.

Question 2. How do I export desired Outlook emails to a CSV file with date?

Answer 2. Download Outlook Emails to CSV Converter on your machine. Easily transfer desired emails from Outlook to CSV with a date.

Question 3. Does the tool support the date file of Outlook 2019?

Answer 3. Yes, The tool supports date files of all the versions of MS Outlook.


Outlook emails to CSV Wizard is a trusted platform to export Outlook emails to CSV with date. It is easy to use and fast. Also, it doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge to save emails from Outlook to CSV by date range. The user can also download the free trial version of the software to know the working and features.