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How to Convert Outlook Email to Text Files with All Information ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 3rd, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

A text file is the first choice of many users when backing up emails. It opens easily on any system. Plus, they are small in size with easy storage. This is the reason why users prefer to save emails in a text file format. Our support team has received a question from the Jack & Williamson team about exporting some of my outlook emails to text file format? If you too are looking for an easy solution to convert Outlook email to text files, stay here.

In this blog, we will provide a quick solution to export messages from outlook to text. 4n6 Outlook Converter is an expert solution for saving multiple outlook messages to text files. But, before understanding the working of the reliable tool to convert Outlook email to text, let’s look at Jack and Williamson’s complete query.

Check the User Query


Like many people, we all use Outlook as our desktop application to receive emails. Now, we would like to save some of those outlook messages in TXT file format. How can we do this? We want a straightforward solution to convert Outlook email to text for easy storage. Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Jack and Williamson”

Now, let’s see how you can convert multiple selected Outlook emails into text files in just a few minutes.

Simple Steps to Convert Outlook Email to Text Files

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  1. Download and start outlook to Text Converter Tool on your Windows machine and click on the Open File tab to browse Outlook messages.
    outlook to text converter
  2. After that click on the outlook configure account or choose the folder/files option which your choice
    choose pst file folder
  3. The software provides a complete preview of the messages with attachments.
    preview content before convert outlook to text
  4. Go to the Export tab and select the Text option to convert Outlook email to Text files.
    select text
  5. Enter the location to see the resultant data. Also, check the filters as per your requirements. Now, click on the Save button. The process of converting messages from Outlook to Text file extension started. You will get accurate results in some time.
    save text files

In this simple and easy way, you can export all Outlook messages in text format. Plus, you can extract attachments and email addresses by clicking the Extract button.

Watch the video to Export Outlook Messages to Text Files:

Key Features of Outlook to Text Exporter Tool

  • The tool helps the user to convert Outlook email to Text files without Outlook installation.
  • Allows users to see desired emails for the process through the Compact view option.
  • The software can batch export outlook to text files with attachments.
  • It helps to search for content within Outlook messages using the Quick Search option.
  • The utility can filter the messages from Outlook so that the task gets quick and more accurate.
  • The Outlook to Text Converter comes with a user-friendly interface. Any user can access it.
  • You can save the emails from outlook to text files with all the information.
  • The program is compatible with all the versions of Outlook and Windows OS.

Client’s Review

“I was looking for a solution to save multiple emails from outlook to text files. My friend recommended Outlook to TXT Converter Tool. First, I tried the demo version of it. It totally works. After that, I bought the licensed version of the product. It successfully converted my Outlook messages to text files. I am happy and satisfied using this product.

– Charles Florin”

“I easily convert Outlook email to text file format with outlook to Text Migration Tool. Such a user-friendly product with great features. The best part was that Outlook installation was not required. Well done guys.

– Garry Harmsworth”


So, now, after knowing the best way to convert Outlook email to text files, you can use this Outlook email forensics tool to get the most accurate results. This tool is platform-independent and securely export outlook to text files format with all the details.