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How to Export Zimbra to EML Format with All Properties ? Perfect Solution

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 02-02-2023 ~ Zimbra ~ 4 Minutes Reading
  • Hello, can I convert all emails from my Zimbra account to EML file format at the same time? The account gives me the option to download in EML one at a time, but since my data is very large it will take days of work. So I would be grateful if you can provide me with a solution to export Zimbra to EML in bulk.

– Brittany, Los Angeles

Do you have the same request for us? If so, trust us; we will solve it in the most convenient way. Well, it has been known that Zimbra accounts do not give you a manual way to convert entire emails to the EML file format. Therefore, there is a need for an alternative solution that can cope with this task.

Let us then introduce you to this alternative method. We are sure that you will find this solution one of the best to export Zimbra to EML. So, take a look at it quickly, know all about it, and then use it to help you achieve your goal.

Best Method to Export Zimbra to EML Format

One that is designed with ease of use and the most important user requirements in mind is the 4n6 Zimbra Converter Software. This application is designed for Zimbra accounts and TGZ files only, as you can see by the name, so it focuses entirely on the Zimbra account and is best to convert TGZ files to its data. In order to help you understand the tool’s functioning; we would like to explain the process to you. So if you want to export Zimbra to EML right away, check out the complete guide below.

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Steps to Export Emails from Zimbra TGZ to EML Format

Free Download

  • Firstly, On your Windows computer, download the Zimbra to EML converter. After that install and run the software. After that click the Open tab.
    download zimbra to eml converter
  • Then, to import Zimbra data, choose Choose Folders / Choose Files.
    choose folder
  • Then, on the left pane, you’ll see that all folders associated with the specified account have been loaded. Then you may preview emails if you want to.
    zimbra email preview
  • Then choose EML from the drop-down box under the Export header.
    select eml saving option

Finally, click the Save button after selecting the appropriate directory for the resultant files using the Browse button.

Now you know the process by which you can export Zimbra to EML right now, but if you want to learn more about the tool you can check out some of its features. The features will tell you the skills of the tool, so if you want, you can know them.

Some Primary Features of the Zimbra to EML Converter

1. Manually Select Data: This application is full of options and you can understand it from this feature. If you don’t want to select the entire account, you can manually select the Zimbra TGZ files data from the device. You can still export Zimbra to EML even if the account isn’t set up.

2. Convert Zimbra TGZ Data Bulk: This is the feature you need for your ultimate solution. You can convert as many emails as you want in a single operation. Unlike the manual method, you don’t have to go through each email individually. Here you need to select multiple folders and convert at the same time.

3. Convert With Attachments: Attachments are undoubtedly also the most important information in the email account. Thus, this application not only converts the email, but also the attachments. Your email will convert as it is in the Zimbra account.

4. Check Complete Email Preview: What do you think this app will export Zimbra to EML without previewing it to you? No, this application also allows you to review all the data so that you can check what information they contain. Are they valuable to migrate or not.

  • You can also preview all the attachments associated with the Zimbra email
  • If you want to check the email of a specific email address, you can check it
  • If you want to review Zimbra data from a specific time period, you can too
  • All you have to do is apply filters in the search bar and you will be able to see certain data


You can now export Zimbra to EML in bulk without any problem. This Zimbra to EML converter offers you the best facilities to achieve your goal without putting many efforts. It is dependable and completes the work in a short amount of time. As a result, we highly advise you to use this tool for the best results.