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How to Convert Zimbra TGZ Files to Text Format ?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 17-01-2023 ~ Zimbra ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you want to export Zimbra accounts emails in plain text format then you are on the right blog post. Here you will find much more information about the text format. Today you will find out about such a method, after using which you will not need to go anywhere. Let us now know about how to convert Zimbra TGZ files to text format. But before that let’s take a look at the user query as well.

User Query;

Hello, I have TGZ files extracted from the Zimbra account. But I have to convert those TGZ files to plain text format because in text format I can see mails anytime without a browser or application and my reason is that I have to send those emails as attachments but TGZ I cannot send files as attachments. Now tell me any method or software by which I can convert my entire Zimbra TGZ files to text format at once

Why Do Users Need to Export TGZ Files to Plain Text Format?

Text files have the advantage of being compact and versatile. Data that is a few kilobytes or gigabytes less than that saved in other formats may be shared quickly and in bulk through email or disc. Most can be opened with fairly little software on computers running a variety of operating systems.

Way to Convert Zimbra TGZ Files to Text Files

There is only one way to convert Zimbra TGZ files to text format, its name is the 4n6 Zimbra converter. You will be able to export your TGZ files in only five steps with the aid of this software. With this software, you can convert not only in text format but also in many other email services and document formats. Let us now see some steps of how this software is used.

Steps – How to Use this Zimbra to Text Exporter Tool?

Free Download

  • Download TGZ to Text converter software click on the download now button and install it in the windows OS system
    download tgz to txt migrator
  • After you’ve installed the software, go to the open tab and choose the Choose Folder/Files option.
    choose tgz file folder
  • Following that, you may preview your Zimbra emails in four distinct modes: Hex view, the message header, content, and raw messages.
    zimbra emails in hex view
  • Hit the export button and click on the text option for exporting the TGZ files
  • Finally, pick the desired destination path and press the save button to begin the procedure.

Watch this Video Tutorial for Export TGZ Files to TXT Format

Why User Choose this Zimbra to Text Converter Tool?

4n6 Zimbra to Text Migrator is the preferred programme for exporting TGZ files to text files. This tool enables you to batch export individual and numerous files from a Zimbra folder to Text. To do this work, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Bulk Convert Zimbra to Plain Text Format: The user may quickly convert Zimbra TGZ files to text format in a few easy steps with the aid of our TGZ to TXT converter tool. The utility enables you to convert multiple TGZ files or folders to text format in batch mode without losing any data.
  2. Maintains Complete Data Folder Structure: After converting the Zimbra files to email format, the programme may save the data in its original structure in a TXT file. It maintains the original structure of the folder structure and subfolders for all essential email databases.
  3. Export TGZ Files with Attachments: This feature enables users to export all attachments from Zimbra mail. The Zimbra to text converter application does not alter or destroy any emails or attachments. It allows the user to convert without having to install any additional software.
  4. Easy and Easy-to-Use Interface: The programme to convert Zimbra TGZ files to Text features a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to handle the software that assists users in transferring Zimbra files to text format. It is a user-friendly programme that allows any user to effortlessly administer the application and finish the transfer process.
  5. Try the Free Demo Version: Download the free demo edition of this excellent Zimbra to Text converter application and have a detailed look at the software’s features. It enables the user to convert Zimbra TGZ files to text format in a suitable manner. The program’s trial version transforms the first 10 emails from each of the specified Zimbra files.

Final Word

The main need of Zimbra to text Converter software is to explain this post. Any user may rapidly convert Zimbra TGZ files to text format with this tool, which does not need the installation of a TXT compatible programme. This tool is built with an innovative algorithm to save the user time and effort.