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How to Extract Zimbra Attachments in Portable File Extensions?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 17-10-2022 ~ Zimbra ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Here, we are going to discuss about Zimbra extract attachments briefly. Stay tuned with us and read the complete blog for more information.

What we’re going to do today will change user’s perception of extracting attachments. Users think that extracting attachments to the data is a very tedious and hectic process, don’t you think so?

Zimbra is an open-source platform that is made up of emails, contacts, calendars, documents, etc. Zimbra is a web-based app suite, which can be implemented as a private cloud on-site or an outsourced public cloud service.

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Well, the extraction process can get tedious if there is a lot of attachments in the account and users choose to use a manual method. Yes, there is no manual technique available to extract attachments from Zimbra desktop.  Users can only forward the attachments one by one.

User query:  Hi! I am Aric. I am using Zimbra mail for the past several years. Over the years, I have accumulated a huge number of attachments. Now I am looking for a solution through which I can accomplish the process of Zimbra extract attachments easily. Kindly help me out in this process. Thank you in advance.

Like the above user, other users were also looking for the same kind of solution. Attachments are important for every user, as it contains crucial documents and information. Therefore, keeping them safe is the concern of each and every user.

But we don’t want users to spend a lot of time on a single job, so we offer are offering a solution that can easily extract all the required attachments at once. But before looking at the solution let’s have a look on some limitations of using the Manual Technique.

What are the drawbacks of using the Manual Approach?

There are certain drawbacks of using manual solution due to which users must avoid using this technique. Before jumping into a technical solution, first, we’ll have a look at some limitations of using manual solutions which user have to face. Some of the demerits of using a manual approach are mentioned below:

Time Consuming Process

If the user is carrying multiple attachments, then doing it through a manual process will take both user’s time and energy.

Risk of losing important data

After accomplishing the task of Zimbra extract attachments by manual technique, there is a possibility of data loss scenario as well. Users may end up losing their crucial attachments after using this approach.

Lengthy process & requires technical knowledge

This manual process is very lengthy in nature. Non – technical users will not be able to complete this process without having any kind of technical information. Users must require some kind of technical knowledge for using this solution.

Direct Solution for Zimbra remove attachments from email – Technical Way

4n6 Zimbra Converter is one of the best programs for users to accomplish this task without wasting their crucial time. This tool can be used by both technical and home users. It is one of the appropriate tools to extract. This application is full of benefits and creates value for users also.


This program entirely focused on solving the user queries related to the process mentioned – above and it solves them in the smartest possible way. Also, this software is reliable, efficient, and automated.

We are offering this complete process guide for the users. Kindly check it out and see what steps the user needs to perform the task of extract Zimbra attachments by using Zimbra attachment extractor. Well, this guide will also help users in the time when they’ll run the software to complete the task.

How to extract Zimbra mail attachments – complete step–by–step process

Users have to follow some simple steps for accomplishing the task in an effortless manner:

Firstly, users have to install and run the 4n6 Zimbra attachment extractor application on their system.

run the app

After that, the tool will provide options to load Zimbra files or folders via the select Files or Select Folders option.

choose files or folders

Now users can preview Zimbra folders in the software panel.

preview your data

The software also provides multiple saving options. Now, by clicking on the Extract option user have to select Extract attachments option.

choose extract option

Thereafter, users can select the destination path according to their needs.

Now, users have to click on the Save button to start the process of Zimbra extract attachments.

After completion of the task, a pop–up box will appear on the screen. Click on ok to exit.

Why to use the Zimbra attachment extractor application?

There are multiple benefits of this solution, which makes users workload easier. Users can easily Bulk extract Zimbra attachments. This application gives the facility to users to batch download Zimbra attachments in single processing. The users can also specify some selective email folders whose attachments they want to save into their system. There are multiple benefits of using this application.

Let’s Wrap Up

In this blog, we have discussed about Zimbra extract attachments in brief. Many users were facing issues in this procedure. This application easily extracts attachments from Zimbra account in bulk. Both technical and non – technical users will not face any difficulty in operating this program.

For benefit of users, this application provides a free demo version. In this user can easily extract 10 attachments from each folder without facing any hassle. After having satisfaction, users can purchase the paid version of the software for more features and unlimited extraction of attachments.