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How to Convert vCard to Excel Worksheet in Bulk?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 3rd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Hey, is it possible to convert vCard to Excel worksheets? If so, please let me know how.

This inquiry came from one of the discussion sites, and we discovered that numerous people need the conversion of vCard contacts to Excel.

Nowadays, converting files from one place to another is becoming a need for many users. For several reasons, they have to switch the data between different file types.

We always try to cover all possible user questions and try to offer them the best solution.

Conversion from vCard to Excel is definitely possible, but if you know the right solution for this task.

In this article, we will help you how to convert VCF to XLS in a few simple clicks. So, keep reading.

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A Solution to Convert vCard to Excel Worksheet

This task can be easily performed using the 4n6 vCard Converter Tool. With this application, personal and business users can convert multiple vCard files to Excel without any restrictions. It has no file size limits. You can easily export unlimited vCard files to XLS. vCard to Excel Converter allows you to export vCard files with multiple contacts to Excel along with all attached properties.

Tip: We value data and money. So, we have added a FREE DEMO EDITION with this tool so you can test it before investing. This free version of the tool allows you to check the complete features and work. Also, it allows you to convert 10 vCard files to CSV format without facing issues. When you’ve determined that it’s the ideal answer for all of your requirements, upgrade to a licenced version that allows for limitless conversion.

download button

Also, there is no such formality for performing this task. You just have to follow the simple steps we are going to mention below.

Learn How vCard to Excel Converter Tool Works

1. Run the solution when it has been correctly downloaded and installed, and choose the Open tab option. To load VCF files, the solution provides a dual-mode option, such as Choose directories and Choose files.

choose files or folders

2. Please choose a folder that contains vCard files.

browse vcard folders

3. As demonstrated in the picture, the utility rapidly loads the vCard folder on the left side

4. Now, double-click the folder to get a glimpse of your vCard contact information and raw vCard.

preview data

5. Select the Excel-compatible file saving option from the Export menu.Choose Excel

6. Now you may pick the place where you want to save the files and click the Save button.Choose Excel

7. That is all there is to it. The application begins converting vCard to CSV, which is an Excel file format. It will only take a few seconds to complete this procedure. Open the Excel spreadsheet after all of your files have been converted.

Feel Free While Using vCard to XLS Converter

4n6 tools are fully tested and free from any risks. With this application, one can safely convert thousands of VCF contacts to XLS without any problems. Also, this application has a very simple user interface. However, if you encounter any difficulty while using this application, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, users can use 4n6 Excel to vCard Converter to convert excel data to vcf format.

This YouTube Video Walks You Through the Process Step by Step

Read About Its Powerful Functionalities

  • No File Size Limitation: There are no file size restrictions with this application. It allows you to convert an infinite number of vCard files to Excel.
  • Convert VCF Files with Multiple Contacts: Do you have several contact vCard files? If that’s the case, this remedy can help. You can easily convert multi-contact vCard files to Excel in a few moments.
  • 100% Tested and Simple User Interface: The VCF to XSL converter is completely free from any kind of risk. With the aid of the easy user interface, vCard contacts may be reliably converted to Excel without any issues.
  • Get the Complete Preview: Forensic investigators will benefit from the vCard to Excel converter. The tool provides the complete preview of vCard files along with all the properties.
  • All Windows Compatible: This solution is compatible with every version of the Windows operating system. One can easily convert vCard to Excel in Windows 10, 8.1 and other earlier versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Is it possible to convert vCard 2.1 files to Excel using this solution?

Ans: Yes, VCF to XLS Converter successfully supports all versions of vCard files such as 2.1, 3.0, 4.0.

Ques 2: From my iPhone, I’ve retrieved a big number of VCF files. Is it possible to convert them to Excel using this programme?

Ans: Yes, the tool supports converting vCard files created by any platform to Excel.

Ques 3: Where do I get my resultant files?

Ans: The vCard to Excel converter lets you select the required location. With this feature, you can save your resulting files to the required location that can be easily accessed and managed.

Ques 4: Is there any file size limitation imposed on the tool?

Ans: The demo edition of this application has limitations. With the help of a licensed key, you can convert unlimited vCard contacts to Excel.

Ques 5: Do I need to download the supportive application to perform such a task?

Ans: Not at all. This application is standalone and does not require a supported application to convert VCF contacts to XLS.

Final Words

In the above guide, we explained the complete process of converting your vCard to an Excel worksheet. You may convert hundreds of vCard files to Excel using the suggested tool without losing any data. This solution has the ability to convert vCard to multiple contacts with a few simple clicks.

So, download this amazing app without a second thought and get your work done.