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How to Import vCard with Multiple Contacts to Outlook Account ?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
March 14th, 2023
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5 Minutes

Hi, I need to import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook but can’t find a possible way to do this task. Outlook account doesn’t give me such an option; it can only import one .vcf file at a time. So,I need a solution that can help me with this problem. Please provide me a method.

– Chris, Florida

If you have the similar question discussed above, here you can definitely have the answer. Well, it’s real that Outlook doesn’t support importing multiple VCF or the vCard with multiple contacts. So if you have a mountain of VCFs or tons of contacts in a single vCard, the manual feature might not be for you.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s not a problem that you can’t do this manually; we have other ways to do this. Therefore, we offer you a possibility to import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook at the same time. This is what wanted right…? Then let’s do it.

Import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook with the most convenient Method

One of the most desirable solutions for your task is 4n6 vCard Converter Wizard. This software can beat all the limitation you might have while working manually. This app can easily import any number of vCard files at the same time.

This app is very reliable and fully automated, which means you don’t have to go through a lot of effort to import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook. The only thing this app asks you to do is few clicks.

You know what makes this application more precious to you, it’s the functions. There are many things you can do to perfect your data migration. We strongly encourage you to go through them so that you know why this tool is valuable to you.

Explore Some Qualities of vCard to Outlook Migrator

  • Desirable Simple Interface: We assume when you run the tool, you’ll want a simple interface, well, you just think and it’s there for you. The interface of this tool is very simple that you’ll love to import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook on it.
  • Select vCard Files / Folders: This application allows you to manually select the vCard files and folders from the device. So you can only choose those that are important to you and that you want to import. Yes, you can upload any numbers of vCard to the tool at once.
  • Support all vCard Versions: This application supports converting all vCard versions. There are a few different versions like vCard 4.0, 3.1, 2.0. Hence, this single app supports importing all of them.
  • Preview vCard Files: Well you know you can’t just open the vCard files; you need a compatible app to do that. Hence, this app can help you with this purpose. You can preview all vCard files at any time. This app is all-in-one and is all about your convenience.
  • Bulk Convert vCard Files: This app can Import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook very easily. Yes, it doesn’t matter if your individual vCard file contains hundreds or thousands of contacts; it is able to migrate them to Outlook at once.
  • Select Location to Save: This application allows you to choose the location of your choice for the resulting files. Yes, you don’t need to save the data in an unwanted default location. With this software you can freely control the processes.

These functions are just a few of the many, as already mentioned in the header. Well, we’ve covered them so that you can become more familiar with the tool. However, there is still a lot you have yet to find out about the tool, and we want you to do it yourself, so good luck.

Now let’s finally take a look at the process you need to go through to import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook. We provide a complete guide, so you can easily complete the task when you run the tool.

Complete Procedure for Importing vCard Contacts to Outlook

  • Download the app on the device you have your vCard files on, install and then launch it


  • Click Open tab, and then click Choose Folder or Choose Files. Select the option at your preference

choose files

  • Once you have uploaded all the vCard files to the tool, you can first preview them.

preview files

  • Click on Export tab and then click PST from the drop down menu

choose pst

  • Browse the location to save the resulting files in your preferred location and then click the Save

Your vCard files will now be imported into Outlook compatible PST files. Once the process is complete, you can use the Outlook import / export feature to import the files to view your contacts.

Congratulations! Your problem is finally solved.

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Check out the Added Bonus for you

Would you like to try this tool before you buy? Well, you can do that very easily. This app has a demo version so you can check out the whole process and quality first; get to know it better in person, and then move on to the purchase.

In Conclusion

Import vCard with multiple contacts to Outlook more gently with the help of vCard to Outlook Importer. This application is all about your convenience. It is simple to use and has so many benefits for you. Hence, we strongly recommend that you try this tool for the best journey and enjoyable experience.