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Know-How to Convert TIFF File to BMP Image Format by Easiest Method

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 23rd, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

When it comes to creating images, there are many different formats you can use. BMP is one of the most common image file types used today, but if you want to use other formats, you’ll need to convert them. If you want to create an image for use on a website or for print, you will need to convert TIFF file to BMP format.

By the way, the TIFF format is a standard image file format used by many different applications, including word processing software and graphics programs. It has several advantages over other formats such as GIF, JPEG and PNG, including the ability to store large amounts of data and support for transparency. However, the downside of this format is that converting from one application to another can be a pain. Today we will show you how to convert TIFF file to BMP format with just a few clicks of the mouse.

What are TIFF and BMP Image Format?

One of the most used picture file formats is called TIFF or Tagged Image File Format. TIFF files are most often used for desktop publishing and internet advertising. TIFFs’ bitmap and raster structures provide them with the versatility to serve as a container for JPEGs, lossless-compressed image files, pictures with layers, or pages.

Two-dimensional pictures may be stored in the pixel-based bitmap (BMP) file format, often without any compression. Raster graphics, a dot matrix data format used by BMP, determines the image’s colour depth. For digital publication of images, BMP is mostly utilised. However, BMP files are often big because of the absence of compression.

How to Convert TIFF File to BMP File Format?

We advise our customers to use the 4n6 TIFF File Converter tool to address questions about exporting TIFF files to BMP format. With the help of this application, users may convert any TIFF file to a variety of saving alternatives, including the BMP format. This application provides you to batch convert TIFF file to BMP bitmap images.

Check out the demo version of the application before continuing to the detailed explanation of how to use it. It allows the conversion of a few TIFF files to BMP format and is completely free. With this sample, you may rapidly assess the software’s functionality before purchasing the commercial version for limitless TIFF to BMP conversion.

How to Use TIFF to BMP Converter Software?

  1. Firstly, download TIFF to BMP converter tool on your PC and then install it on the Windows platform
    tiff to bmp converter
  2. After the installation click on the open button in the menu bar and then select the TIFF option
    upload tiff files to tiff to bmp converter
  3. You can view your files in the software panel after the uploading
    preview tiff images
  4. Thereafter click on the Export option and then choose the BMP option for the conversion process
    choose bmp
  5. Finally, choose the destination path for the converted files and then choose the Save button, now your TIFF files will be converted into BMP format
    click save to convert tiff file bmp

Benefits of TIFF File to BMP Converter Software

  • You may convert multiple .tiff files to BMP format with our TIFF to BMP Converter. It allows users to convert several TIFF files to BMP format at once.
  • Because of how the utility is made to convert TIFF file to BMP files does not need any extra installation.
  • It works with every version of the Windows OS. Therefore, it is available for download on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other operating systems.
  • Our tool allows users to alter TIFF files in a chosen manner. To convert TIFF file to BMP, you may pick just certain files.
  • It is a professional solution and a well-tested item. The image converter tool offers accurate findings without changing the data. By utilising this application, users may quickly convert TIFF file to BMP.


In the blog post above, we explained how to use an automated approach to convert TIFF file to BMP format. The TIFF to BMP converter is a professional suggestion that maintains the data’s integrity during processing.

The software does not include any bugs or defects. Additionally, you may test the tool’s demo version before purchasing licence keys to evaluate it. Please get in touch with our support staff if you need any assistance.