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How to Batch Convert TIFF Files to JPG Image Format in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 24th, 2023
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5 Minutes

TIFF is unusual and distinctive, but it may also work against you. It may be essential to convert it to a smaller file format, such as JPG, at times. When it’s ready, here’s a tutorial to walk you through batch convert TIFF files to JPG.

Every picture format serves a unique function, with TIFF and JPG being the most prevalent. JPG is a common picture format that accelerates operations and appeals to the majority of people owing to its simplicity of use feature.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you need to batch convert TIFF files to JPG picture format. We’ll show you how to transfer TIFF to JPG without compromising image quality in this blog article. We propose using the 4n6 Image Converter Tool for this.

Differentiate between TIFF and JPG

TIFF is a Tagged Picture File Format that is very safe, particularly when compared to other image formats. It’s a kind of raster picture file that includes metadata. Because of its clear contents, it is one of the safest forms of picture files. It helps users to find out important information about a file before opening it.

The JPG image file is a digital file format developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. It may be used in place of the JPEG picture file. It’s a lossy compression file, which means that as it becomes smaller, it loses resolution. Finally, it is incredibly simple to download and distribute because of its modest size.

Why Does User want to Export TIFF to JPG?

Because TIFF is such an uncommon file format, it causes many problems for most users. Its enormous file size is one of its key flaws. The majority of picture files are modest and easy to handle. Anyone trying to build a website or blog utilising TIFF files will be absolutely disappointed due to their vast size. This is when using a smaller file format, such as JPG, comes in helpful.

The TIFF’s lack of editing and accessibility is another incentive to switch. These uncommon files are just too difficult to open using a regular application. They also don’t get along with a lot of editing applications. To batch convert TIFF files to JPG is appropriate if you require an editable picture file.

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Best Way to Transfer TIFF to JPG Image File

To Batch Convert Tiff Files to JPG In this article, you will find two such methods, which will help you to convert your files easily without any hassle. If you have tiff files in bulk, then our first way is automatic software for that, with the help of which you can transfer your files in bulk. If you have only one file or very few files, then we have also mentioned another method for that which will be done manually. Let us see how both of these methods are used.

Method 1: Using Automatic Software

With the help of the 4n6 Tiff File Converter Software, you can batch convert TIFF files to JPG image files very easily. This is our first method, with the help of which you can export your tiff to jpg in bulk and without losing any image quality. This software can convert your image files very easily without any loss of data. By the way, there are many features in this software, which you will know when you use it, so first try and use it by downloading its demo version and know its features.

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Guidance on How to use TIFF to JPG Conversion Software

  1. Download TIFF to JPG converter software and launch it on your Windows system
    tiff to jpg converter
  2. After that click on the Open tab on the left side of the software panel and then choose the TIFF option in the drop-down menu
    upload tiff files
  3. After the uploading TIFF image files, you can view your image files in the software panel
    view tiff
  4. Thereafter press the Export button and then choose the JPG option for the conversion process
    select jpg
  5. Finally, choose the preferred location of the resultant files and then hit the Save button
    save jpg files

Method 2: Using Adobe Photoshop

  1. First of all, start Photoshop and select the file you want to convert.
  2. After that click on the File menu and then hit the “Save as” option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Lastly, give the name of your file and select the jpg option and then click on the Save button.

Note: There is also a drawback of this manual method that you can only convert one file at a time, if you want to batch convert TIFF files to JPG then you have to go to our first solution


We’ve covered how to batch convert TIFF files to JPG in this blog article. The recommended software is very user-friendly and enables accurate batch conversion from TIFF to JPG. Any technical or inexperienced user may utilise it. You may now upgrade to the licenced version of the tool once you are entirely happy with its performance.