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How to Convert PNG to JPG Image without Losing Image Quality?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 18-10-2022 ~ Image Converter ~ 4 Minutes Reading

The most popular image file types are PNG and JPG. Both file types serve a distinct function. For example,.png files are suitable for photos used on websites. Lossless compression is used in this file format, while lossy compression is used in .jpg. Because of the differences between these two formats, it is often essential to convert PNG to JPG or vice versa.

Short Comparision of PNG and JPG Image File

PNG files are lossless by nature, which means that when they are compressed, the visual quality is mostly unaffected by the compression process. JPG files are compressed using lossy compression, which means that when you compress a JPG file, you lose quality that cannot be retrieved afterwards.

Which is Superior Quality PNG or JPG?

If you know the difference between JPG and PNG compression, you already know that PNG files have higher quality. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t utilise JPG files or convert PNG to JPG. When you need a small file size, JPG files are quite useful to have on hand.

If you don’t know how to convert PNG to JPG while maintaining picture quality, don’t worry; there is a method. The simplest method is to utilize Paint, but if you have a PNG to JPG converter tool, you can convert PNG to JPG with that as well.

Way to Convert PNG Image to JPG Image Format

To convert PNG to jpg image format, we have given two solutions, with the help of which you can convert your PNG images to JPG. The first solution out of that is manual, in which you can convert one of your images. If you have images in bulk then this solution is not perfect for you. For this, you have to go towards the second solution which is the 4n6 PNG Image Converter. Let us read the steps on how to use both solutions.

Method 1: Manually Export PNG to JPG Image Using MS Paint

  • Open the MS Paint on the Windows machine
  • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+O or go to the File menu and choose Open. Click the Open button after selecting the PNG file you wish to change to JPG.
  • Paint will now open the PNG file.
  • Click the File menu again, then Save as > JPEG photo.
  • Select a file name and save the location before clicking the Save button.

Method 2: Change PNG Image to JPG by Using Professional Tool

If you have .png images in bulk and want to export them to .jpg format, then you can use our image converter solution. If you convert the image with the help of this software, then your image quality remains the same, there is no harm in it. Let’s see once how to use this software and how to convert PNG to JPG images in bulk

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Instruction How to Use PNG to JPG Converter Software?

  1. Download PNG to JPG Converter software and install it on a windows machine.
    png to jpg converter
  2. After that, click on the open tab in the menu bar and then select the PNG option in the drop-down menu and then upload the PNG images to the software panel
    choose png file
  3. After uploading the images you can preview your images in different modes
  4. Then click on the Export option and select the JPG in the drop-down menu
    select jpg
  5. Lastly, select the destination path of your converted JPG images according to your choice and then hit the Save button


All image file formats serve a function and are simple to use and modify. When you need a smaller file and the quality isn’t critical, you may export PNG to JPG. Of course, if image quality is important, PNG is the way to go. With this comprehensive instruction, you’ll be able to convert picture formats.