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How to Convert PNG to PSD File Without Compromising Image Quality?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 25th, 2023
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Changing an image’s extension is sometimes the best approach to update, edit, or manipulate it. In the case of PNG, the editing process is often best realized when it is completely changed. Learn why for convert PNG to PSD file is so important and how to accomplish it.

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Difference Between PNG Image or PSD File

The PNG image format, also known as a Portable Network Graphic, is a lossless compression file that keeps high-quality visuals even when the file size is reduced. PNG is a high-resolution picture format that employs raster graphics to create images using a pixel grid.

PSD is an image file that is created by Adobe Photoshop and is known as a Photoshop document or a Photoshop result file. It is a file that contains many layers of photos that may be re-edited after the file has been opened and saved. PSD files are often used for high-quality graphics and illustrations.

Why Does User Need to Change PNG to PSD?

The PNG format does not support numerous pictures in a single file, but the PSD format can. This enables several photos to be edited in a single file. Working with a PSD image is also made much simpler for experienced Photoshop users who have a strong grasp of the various editing tools. The PNG, like many other image file formats, requires editing before it can be used in publications. This is due to the fact that huge picture sizes slow down things like web pages.

Consider who will use the file, what their requirements are, and what software tools they prefer before selecting whether to convert PNG to PSD file. These are the most critical qualities since an image file is only useful to someone if they can utilise it. If you submit an image file to a customer that only uses Photoshop, for example, the procedure will go easily if the file is in PSD format.

A PSD is typically the best option for responding to the preferences of another user or enhancing editing possibilities. Consider a Photoshop-based option when a PNG falls short.

Best Way to Convert PNG Image to PSD Format

We have come up with the best way to convert PNG to PSD file, its name is 4n6 PNG File Converter Software. With its help, you can convert png images in bulk and without any loss of image quality. What’s more, you can preview your image file before converting it and the user interface of the image converter software is also very easy to use. Let’s see how this software is used

Free Download

Guidance on How to Use PNG to PSD Converter Software?

  1. Download PNG to PSD converter software and launch it on a windows machine
    png to psd converter
  2. After that, click on the open button and then choose the PNG option
    choose png
  3. Thereafter preview your image file before PNG file conversion
    preview png image
  4. Select the PSD option after clicking the Export option
    select psd
  5. Hit the Save button after selecting the destination path according to your choice

Beneficial Features of PNG to PSD Converter Tool

  • It is a quick and easy tool for batch conversion of PNG to PSD.
  • The PNG to PSD converter has more than 10 formats (such as AI, PSD, PDF, etc.) and can be adjusted to meet your requirement.
  • It can convert png files into high-resolution PSD format easily.
  • If you have a large number of files, then it is very easy to convert all of them.
  • Provide full support to all popular windows operating versions such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and below.

People Also Ask

Question 1. How to convert PNG to Photoshop PSD file manually?

Answer 1. Follow the step by step process mentioned below:

1. Open PNG file in the Photoshop. 2. Go to File menu and select the Save As option. 3. Name this file and choose the file format as PSD. 4. Click the Save button. 5. A window will appear and then click the OK button. 6. This file will be saved as a PSD file.

Question 2. Do I need to install a supportive program like Photoshop to change PNG files to PSD using this software?

Answer 2. No, the application does not require a supportive app to convert PNG to PSD file format.

Question 3. Which PNG file formats can be converted to PSD?

Answer 3. All PNG file types, including raster, vector, and layered images, may be converted to PSD files.


Lastly, there are many ways to perform this task but I prefer to use the software. You will get all the benefits of online services like speed and simplicity.

You can use a variety of tools to convert a professional, high-resolution image. The most popular tool is PNG to PSD Converter, and it is available for a free demo version. Although there are many other programs that can help you convert PNG to PSD file there is no better software than this. In this article I have explained everything in detail, if still, you face any problem then you can contact our support team at any time.