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How to Convert PDF to RTF Format with Headers and Attachments in Few Clicks?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
July 6th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: This article will teach you the most incredible and safe method to convert PDF to RTF format. So, keep reading the post and learn how to export PDF files to RTF format.

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We discovered on the internet that a huge number of individuals are interested in converting PDF files to RTF format. Numerous personal and professional reasons have been stated by people for performing this activity.

Are you also one of those users that want to accomplish such work but is unable to discover a trustworthy solution?

If you answered yes, then your query will be entirely resolved in this article.

So, without further ado, let us get to the bottom of this problem.

How to Convert PDF to RTF Format?

There are a lot of options available on the internet. However, the problem is that the majority of free methods have restrictions. Moreover, they do not support large PDF conversions, among other things.

Therefore, to overcome all of the restrictions, we have developed 4n6 PDF File Converter Software, which is a comprehensive solution in itself. The program can convert an infinite number of PDF files to RTF format without difficulty.

We designed this solution with all types of users in mind, and we hope you enjoy it. It is capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of users with ease.

Additionally, there are no procedures required to complete this conversion. Just follow the simple steps that we’ll provide below to complete the task at hand.

Easy Steps to Convert PDF Files to RTF Format

  • To begin, download and install PDF to RTF Converter on your Windows computer.


  • Once the tool is installed properly on your machine, run it.
    run the tool
  • Now, click on Open, choose Desktop Files, and select PDF files to load them.
    select pdf files
  • Once your PDF files have been loaded into the software panel, you will be able to get a comprehensive preview of the document.
    preview files
  • Now go to the Export menu and choose RTF from the drop-down menu.
    select rtf as saving option
  • Finally, choose the destination directory and press the Save button to start the conversion.
    click save to convert pdf to rtf

That is all. The tool begins converting the PDF files you’ve selected to RTF format. It should just take a few seconds to complete this procedure. As a result, please bear with us.

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Why Choose 4n6 PDF to RTF Converter?

  • Convert Multiple PDF Files to RTF: There are a plethora of advanced features in this app. One of these features is the ability to convert several files at once. It is possible to convert several PDF files to RTF format at the same time with this feature. This function is beneficial in terms of saving time and effort.
  • Get 100% Accurate and Safe Result: It is the most excellent PDF to RTF Converter for converting PDF to RTF format. The most impressive feature of this software is that it provides % correct results. The tool keeps all of the properties of the original PDF files while converting them to RTF format.
  • Best Tool for Analysis Purpose: If you need to perform in-depth analysis on your PDF files, PDF to RTF Converter is the ideal tool for you. The application allows you to get a comprehensive preview of your PDF files.
  • Choose Location to Save Output: After selecting RTF as the saving format, the tool prompts you to specify the destination location. This option enables you to quickly save the resulting output to the platform of your choice. Now, you can simply access and manage the files created as a consequence.
  • Convert Selected PDF Files: This PDF to RTF Converter is for you if you have a big number of PDF documents and want to convert them one by one. The utility will automatically load all PDF files/folders on the left panel and let you select the files you wish to convert.

People Also Ask

Question 1. How to convert PDF to RTF manually?

Answer 1. You can directly convert PDF files to RTF manually in Acrobat or Acrobat online:

Here is how?

  1. Open the PDF document.
  2. Click Tools and choose Export.
  3. Select the RTF format from it.
  4. Export it and save.

Question 2. Does the app allow me to convert PDF documents to RTF with their header information?

Answer 2. Yes, the app supports to convert PDF files to RTF format including message headers.

The Final Words

We have discussed the best method to convert PDF to RTF in the preceding post. Therefore, if you are one of them who wishes to accomplish this task, this guide will be quite beneficial to you. The suggested software enables you to easily convert PDF files to RTF format. You may also use the software to convert PDF files to JPG, OTT, PNG, BMP and more. You may download its free version an start converting your files right now.

If you want any assistance or ideas, please contact us at any time. We are always there to assist you.