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Easy Guide to Convert PDF Files to JPG / JPEG Image Format

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Nick Rogers
Published On
June 28th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

This blog post will show how you can effectively convert PDF files to JPG image format.

Daily, we receive thousands of requests from users. Our team received a query a few days ago from a user looking for a solution to convert large PDF files to JPG format.

Numerous personal and business reasons can arise for a user to convert PDF to JPG format.
Let us solve this query in this blog to assist people who are faced with doing such work and are unable to find a good solution.


How to Convert PDF Files to JPG Image?

There are several free and manual methods available for this task. However, the majority of people become stuck while choosing the best answer. Also, the majority of tools have limitations due to their inability to handle big PDF files.

As a result, we developed 4n6 PDF Converter Tool to overcome all of the limitations. It is the finest application since it easily satisfies the needs of every user.

This software enables users to convert multiple PDF files to the JPG picture format without encountering any difficulties. When you use our solution to mass convert PDF files to JPG format, each page of your PDF files will be converted independently in easy steps.

Simple Working Process to Batch Export PDF to JPG Format

1. To begin, download this document converter software to your Windows computer.


2. Now, click on the Open tab, choose Document Files and select PDF Files.

choose pdf files

3. Once you load your PDF files, you will get the folder preview on the left panel. Click on your files to get a preview of your PDF documents.

preview pdf files

4. Now, click on the Export tab on the top, and the tool will give you a list. Choose JPEG from it.

choose jpeg format

5. Finally, choose the destination and enable the given options you want to get the desirable conversion. Click on the Save button and the tool starts converting your PDF files to JPG format.

saving process

Feel Free to Use 4n6 Software

Our primary goal is to provide users with accurate and appropriate solutions. 4n6 software is thoroughly tested and entirely risk-free. We guarantee that our tools will provide you with a completely accurate and safe result. Therefore, feel free to use the software to convert your important files.

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Amazing Features of PDF to JPG Converter

  • Best for Forensic Investigators: This software is quite beneficial for investigators that want an in-depth analysis of PDF files. The tool enables you to read PDF files in their entirety. One can easily analyze the default view, web view, text view, and properties using this app.
  • Simple and Easy to Operate: The PDF to JPEG Converter interface is extremely basic and user-friendly. Both technical and non-technical users will have no difficulty operating this application.
  • Batch Conversion Functionality: It is the greatest application since it comes with several advanced features. Among these is the bulk conversion option. This feature enables you to convert several PDF files to JPG format simultaneously. This technique can help you save time and effort.
  • Selective Conversion Option: It is possible to convert multiple PDF files selectively if you have numerous PDF files. This application successfully loads all folders on the left panel and prompts you to select the folders that require conversion.
  • Choose Destination Path: PDF to JPG Converter is the most effective application for resolving all the issues. The tool enables you to specify the desired path to your destination. You may easily specify the place where the generated output should be saved.

People Also Ask

Ques 1. How to export PDF to JPG manually?

  • Ans 1. Follow the process to manually export PDF files to JPG / JPEG format:
  • Step 1. Open your Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the PDF file.
  • Step 2. Select the image format you wish to export the file to (such as JPEG) under File > Export > Image.
  • Step 3. Click Export after choosing the resolution you wish to utilize.
  • Step 4. To save the image, type a file name and choose a folder.
  • Step 5. Press Save button to save the file with new changes.

Ques 2. Do I need to install supportive application to batch convert PDF to JPEG format with this software?

Ans 2. No, this application is standalone. It does not require a supportive app to batch export PDF files to JPG / JPEG format.

Ques 3. How to use PDF to JPEG Converter without purchasing?

Ans 3. The application comes up with freeware version. You can use the demo version to test this PDF to JPG Converter.

The Final Words

Nowadays, converting files has become a popular and necessary task for a large number of people. We constantly strive to deliver the finest solutions possible to meet the needs of each user.

In the preceding article, we discussed the ideal method for converting PDF files to the JPG picture format without modifying them. This software enables the user to perform the desired conversion in a few simple steps.

We hope you find this software useful.

For any help, please contact us anytime.

We are always here to help you.