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How to Convert PDF to TIFF Image File Format in Simple Steps ?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
August 6th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Do you have a lot of images in your PDF files? Do you want to bring them out and save them on another best platform that can protect them more perfectly and is of extremely high quality? Well, you can try TIFF. This platform is best for storing photos. So, if you think this is the better option, let us help you convert PDF to TIFF.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is also used when scanning a document or taking photos with a professional, high-quality digital camera. Hence, all of these things show that it is best for storing raster graphic images. Hence, it will help you a lot if you choose to keep the PDF images.

So, to get started on this project, we’ll show you one of the finest ways for converting PDF to TIFF in the simplest manner possible. So please go through it and complete the job quickly.

An Advanced Method to Convert PDF to TIFF

The solution that can perform such tasks in the simplest way and even in a few moments is the 4n6 PDF File Converter Software. This software is the automated approach to getting your task done.

The reason we offer you this PDF to TIFF converting tool is that it brings you many advantages. Firstly, it gives you a great feature that allows you to do your job reliably and perfectly, and secondly, it gives you just a few steps to get your job done.

So, first and foremost, we’d want to walk you through the methods to easily convert PDF to TIFF. So, you need to follow them carefully as this guide will help you in time when you actually perform this conversion.

Complete Manual on Converting PDF Files to TIFF

  • Using the supplied link, download the 4n6 Document converter for your Windows operating system. After that, install it, agree to the terms of the joint venture, and then launch it.


  • Pick Document Files from the different choices after clicking the Open tab, and then select PDF Files from the various options after an extra option appears. select pdf files
  • Browse through all of the relevant PDFs and then upload them to the tool by selecting Openly Visible in the pop-up box. choose required pdf files
  • Once all of the files have been uploaded to the PDF converter’s left pane, use the check box to select all of them.
  • Now, go to the Export tab and choose TIFF from the drop-down menu. select Tiff export option
  • By choosing the Browse button and then the Save button, you can choose the destination path for your files. select destination path
  • The conversion process will now begin. To notify you, information will be presented on the tool screen after it has been finished. convert pdf to tiff process completed

So, these are the entire steps that you absolutely must follow to convert PDF to TIFF. See how the tool makes this task the easiest for you. No lengthy processes, no expenditure of time.

As promised, we would now like to offer you functions related to the tool. You look at them and see what you can use them for and how perfectly they make your experience even more beautiful.

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Explore Some Features of the PDF to TIFF Converter

Simplest User Interface: What makes this tool even more perfect for you is its friendly user interface. This promises that you can easily convert PDF to TIFF without facing complicated things.

Bulky Conversion: The tool supports bulk conversion from PDF to TIFF. Yes, we assume that you may have a lot of PDF files to convert, so we can say that you can convert them all once in a single operation.

Data Preview: This app not only helps you convert PDF to TIFF but also allows you to preview all the data associated with the PDF files. This feature is best for you if you want to review your data first and then process it for conversion.

    • You can also preview the particular data by using the search function found in the upper right corner.
    • If you want to check the data of a specific time period, you can also do so from the same search bar.

Maintain Integrity: This application is best to maintain the integrity of all your data during the conversion. It retains the quality of the data. Also, no content is lost and the high quality of the data is also retained.

However, we must emphasize that these characteristics are just the tip of the iceberg.


The PDF to TIFF Converter turns out to be one of the most suitable methods to convert PDF to TIFF. This app is all about simplicity and convenience. This app is effective and efficient as it takes less time to complete the task regardless of the data size. On the other hand, it brings you tons of advanced features. So all we can say is in order to have a good experience you must try this tool out.