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Recommended software for converting documents into 20+ usable formats. This document converter tool can be used by both home and professional users.

  • Convert Document Files: Text, PDF, DOC, Markdown, HTML , ODT and 5 Other
  • Document Converter Supports Batch and Selective Document Conversion
  • Displays Log Summary Report While Converting Document in Other Format
  • Document Converter Support to Convert Document in 20+ Healthy Formats
  • Allows to Convert Multiple Documents into One Single Document Format
  • Maintains Data Integrity and Meta Properties Throughout The Conversion
  • Dual Options to Add Document in Bulk: Choose Files & Choose Folders
  • Document Converter software is Compatible with All Windows OS Versions

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Free Demo Version Limitation: Document Converter will Export Only 2 Items from Each Folder

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Best Document Converter Application

Convert Multiple Document Files at Once

The Document File Converter tool is capable of batch converting multiple documents from variety of source types to a number of saving formats. Also, there are no limitations on the total numbers of docs that can be handled in a single time. In order to save time user can simply various files into a desired format using this converter tool.

  • A really user-friendly document converter wizard
  • Export multiple documents into another portable formats
  • Software maintains data integrity and file header intact
document converter tool

Document Converter Displays Log Summary

This 4n6 Document Converter Tool is able to convert doc to pdf format, jpg, png, xml, bmp etc. After completion of the conversion task user will get complete log summary report. It will contain all the details like sender’s and receivers information, date, subject, to, from, cc, bcc, attachment details, etc, This log report will help users in arranging the mails category wise as well. Also, Demo version displays the water mark, if you want to avoid this purchase the licensed version of the application.

Supported Formats

Which Formats are Supported by Document Conversion Software?

Doc File


A DOC file is a word processing document created by Microsoft Word or exported by another word processing program, such as OpenOffice Writer or Apple Pages. A document can store text, images, tables, graphs, charts, page formatting, and print settings.

Doc File


A CAD file is a digital format created and utilized by CAD software to represent an item. It includes an object's technical sketch, schematic, blueprint, or 3D depiction. These.cad files can be created, opened, edited, and exported to more popular CAD drawing types using other CAD tools.

Doc File


The term "HTML" stands for "Hypertext Markup Language". Specifically created for digital consumption. HTML documents are text-only yet contain a lot of interactive information. This implies that rather than being printed, they work best as an on-screen viewing file. The document converter wizard supports this format.

Doc File


Markdown language is used to create MD files, which are saved in plain text format with inline text symbols that specify how text can be styled with things like indents, table formatting, fonts, and headers. Markdown converter can be used to convert md files into other formats.

Doc File


The Mobipocket firm developed the mobi file format for their Mobipocket Reader program. It was then acquired by Amazon in 2005, and the Kindle eBook reader's formats (.azw and.azw3) are based on it. It is specially designed for mobile readers and e-readers. Use Document converter to save data in other format.

Doc File


".odt." File stands for an OpenOffice Document file. Word processors similar to Microsoft Word and Google Docs, such as Apache OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer, are frequently used to create these documents. ODT files are comparable to Word-based file types like DOCX and DOC.

Doc File


A file with the extension "PDF" is in the Portable Document Format. PDF File can have interactive buttons, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, video, and more in addition to photos and text. To establish a standard for the representation of documents and other reference material, this format was created.

Doc File


A text file is a type of digital file with letters, numbers, symbols, and/or a combination of these that cannot be executed. It enables the creation and saving of text without the need for further formatting. Text files are sometimes known as flat or AsCII files.

Doc File


Utilizing XML, data descriptions are created (Extensible Markup Language). A flexible method for creating information formats and electronically distributing structured data across both private and public networks in enterprises is the XML standard.

Software Features

Advance Features of Document Converter For Windows

Convert Documents into Various Formats

The document conversion tool supports multiple export formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PDF, DOC, SVG, DOCX, DOCM, OTT, DOTX, EPUB, XPS, HTML, MD, RTF, TXT, XAML, XML etc. While maintaining data integrity and hierarchy throughout the procedure. Users can easily convert document files into any portable format according to their preferences without dealing with any kind of issue.

Maintains Data Integrity & Meta Properties

This Document Converter has the ability to maintain the consistency of all the document. Apart from that, the entire hierarchy of all the files or folder will be well preserved till the end of the procedure. All the attachments and other meta properties included in the documents will not be affected during the conversion.

User Friendly Interface

Document converter wizard is created with advanced algorithm and simple graphical interface that makes it much more easier for any user to utilize this tool. Both novice and technical users can use this tool to convert document files without facing any issue along the way. Nonetheless, there is no need for any kind of technical training in order utilize this software.

Self-Sufficient Document Converter

This Best document Converter software is capable of converting your documents without any external installation or any plug-ins. Download this utility for free and start converting your data. Any user whether they are technical or non-technical can utilize this tool as well. Apart from this, you can convert multiple documents at once without worrying about size, as this application has no size restriction whatsoever.

Option to Choose Desired Location

This Document Converter has the option of selecting a destination path. Users can select their own location to save the resultant data as per their requirement. Otherwise the output data will be saved on desktop as default. Also, this software allows you to store your resultant data to external storage that includes Pen Drive, Hard Drive, Memory Card, Smart Phones and tablets. Additionally, it offers the choice of saving the final file in the same directory as the original data.

Dual options to Load Documents

This tool provides an option an open option in the topbar. From there you can choose your desired source document and there will be two options to load your data into the document converter software panel. You can either select the Add File or Add Folder(s) option to add your documents into the interface. By choosing File option you can add specific ones that you wish to convert and the Folder option allows you add the multiple docs present in a single folder.

Software Specification

4n6 Document Converter Software Requirements

Software Download

Size : 47.6 MB

Version : 1.1

Trial Limitations

Only 2 items from each folder will be exported and saved using free demo version of document converter. However, users can buy the licenced version to remove this restriction.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
122.3 MB of free hard disk space

1 GB RAM (2 GB is Recommended)

Processor with a speed of 1 GHz (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The product delivery is automatic. You will receive an email with the link to download the product and the activation key within a few minutes after the payment has been confirmed.

Software Screenshots

Document Conversion Software - Working Steps

download document converter software
upload document files
select export option
select destination path
click on save button

Software Video

Document Conversion Tool - Working Video


Document Converter Software - Clear Your Doubts Here

5 Steps to Perform Document Conversion:

  • Step-1: Download Document Converter Software and Install
  • Step-2: Upload Document File or Folder(s) in Software
  • Step-3: View Browsed Data and Option to Select Required
  • Step-4: Choose One Export Option from 20+ Saving Formats
  • Step-5: Save Button to Start The Conversion Process

Yes, The document converter software supports Windows 11 and previous versions.

No, you can easily convert any size documents to any format of your choice at once without worrying about anything.

Yes, 4n6 document converter provides 20+ saving formats for users to convert their files into. You can easily batch convert your documents into any format as per your desire.

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