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How to Convert OFT to ICS Calendars in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Hey, do you have multiple OFT files? Need to convert those OFT files to ICS format? Still looking for the best approach to convert OFT to ICS accurately? If yes, then you will definitely find this article helpful.

We are all aware of how prevalent file converting is today. Users increasingly find themselves needing to switch from one platform to another for both personal and professional reasons.

How to convert OFT to ICS format is our topic for today. A user may need to convert OFT files to ICS format for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To see and manage calendar events quickly and conveniently in a single file.
  • Inform friends and co-workers about calendar activities.
  • To move appointments on a calendar from one program to another.
  • Guarantee that events are saved in a standardized manner across various calendar applications.
  • To have a trustworthy calendar backup in case of data loss.
  • The capability to export calendar events to different programs.
  • Capacity to establish reminders on significant occasions.
  • The ability to sync calendar events between many devices.

And many more…

We’re going to provide you the most practical approach in this post that will satisfy your needs.

Let’s Try to Answer the Users Query How to Convert OFT to ICS

To export OFT files to ICS calendars, there are both manual and expert techniques available. To manually convert OFT to ICS, you must copy the data into a new ICS file after opening the OFT file in a text editor like Notepad. The start and finish hours, location, subject, and description should all be included in the ICS file as they are in the OFT file. You may use the ICS file you’ve prepared to import the event into your calendar after you’ve saved it.

It is not advised to manually convert an OFT file to an ICS file since it might be time-consuming and there is a risk for mistakes. Moreover, the ICS file could not have all of the data that the OFT file does, which might lead to an incorrect import of the event into your calendar. To ensure that the data is appropriately translated from the OFT file to the ICS file, it is recommended to utilize a professional tool or online service.

Highly Regarded OFT to ICS Converter Software for Windows

OFT File Converter Software is the best, effective, and safe application to convert OFT files to ICS format. This application is useful to convert multiple OFT files to ICS format in bulk at the same time. Also, the software successfully supports the selective conversion from OFT to ICS format. When you export your files to ICS calendars, the application maintains all the properties. You will definitely get the accurate and safe results in some easy steps.

Working Process to Export OFT Files to ICS Calendars

  • Download OFT to ICS Converter on your Windows computer.
  • Install and run the application and click the Open button to begin the procedure.
    click open
  • Now, click the Choose Files or Choose Folders option to browse your OFT files.
    choose oft files or folders
  • The application will quickly load the selected files on the left panel.
    loaded files
  • Click on the loaded files and preview content, message headers, hex values, properties, and more.
  • Now, go to Export tab and choose ICS as file saving option.
    choose ics

(You can also use this app to convert OFT into several savings like: OFT to PDF, OFT to EML, OFT to Text, OFT to HTML, OFT to MBOX, OFT to vCard, OFT to CSV, and more.)

  • Choose the destination path where you need to save the output. Finally, click the save button to begin the conversion process.
    oft to ics conversion

The application starts converting OFT files to ICS format. This conversion from OFT to ICS will only take a few moments. Once the process done, you will instantly get the completion message.

Eye-Catching Features of the Software

  • Easy to Use and Tested: The UI of this OFT to ICS Converter is highly user-friendly. So, even if you lack technological expertise, you may utilize this program without difficulty. The application has also been tried and tested. There are no risks of any kind in it.
  • Batch Conversion Feature: With this software, it is really easy to convert multiple OFT files to ICS format in batch at once. There is no need to browse OFT files one by one to perform the conversion process.
  • Perform Selective Conversion: The application successfully supports to convert selected OFT files to ICS format. It loads all the files on the left panel. Now, it allows you to check only those files you need to convert.
  • Preview Your OFT Files: With this application, you can get the detailed preview of your OFT files before converting into ICS format. You can easily preview OFT content, message headers, hex values, and more.
  • Standalone Software: There is no need to install a supportive application to perform the conversion process. Also, it successfully supports all the latest and earlier version of Windows OS.
  • Choose Output Location: OFT to ICS Converter allow users to choose the location where they need to get output. This feature will help users to easily access, manage, and organize the resultant output.

The Conclusion

In today’s informative post, we have explained how to convert OFT to ICS format. The software we have suggested is safe, reliable, and effective. With this app, one can easily convert OFT to ICS in bulk or selectively along with attachments and other data.