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How to Convert OFT to CSV Format in Bulk on Windows?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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Note: We will answer the question of how to convert OFT to CSV format on Windows in this post. If you’re searching for the most reputable, safe, and certified app to complete this work, keep reading.

To make the data more accessible for reading and manipulation, users might choose to convert OFT to CSV format. Data from CSV files may be rapidly and simply sorted and searched once they have been opened in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. In addition, CSV files take up far less space when shared with others than OFT files since they are significantly smaller.

Additionally, have a look at the users inquiries we have got from discussion sites merely to understand the demand of various people:

How to convert multiple OFT files to CSV contacts in bulk on my Windows 11 computer?

Is there any way to convert OFT contacts to CSV with all contact details?

How can I convert OFT to CSV on my Desktop without impacting the integrity of my other information?

There are a lot of questions just like this. Yet if you go online for the answer, you won’t find anything. Nobody has yet answered this question. Because of this, we made the decision to record this query and assist customers in converting OFT files to CSV format. Now let’s get to the answer without wasting any more time.

How to Convert OFT to CSV Format?

You can use our all-in-one OFT File Converter Software to get this task done in easy steps. With this solution, one can safely convert unlimited OFT files into CSV format without losing a bit of information. Also, the utility has a very simple user interface. You will not face any type of hassle while using the tool.

The application not only convert OFT to CSV format, but it also support several file savings such as: OFT to ICS, OFT to vCard, OFT to MBOX, OFT to Text, and more. When you convert OFT contacts to PDF format, the app maintains properties. Also, with this solution, users can easily convert OFT files in bulk or selectively as per the requirements.

How OFT to CSV Converter Works? Complete Guide

  • Firstly, download the free demo edition of this OFT to CSV Converter app. This freeware will help you to test the complete working and features without investing a bit. Also, will help you to convert some OFT files to CSV format.
  • Once the solution is downloaded successfully, run it and click the Open button.
    click open
  • Now, browse your OFT files by choosing files or folders option.
    browse oft files
  • This application will instantly load all your selected OFT files or folders on the left panel.
    load oft files
  • Now, click on the loaded files and preview content, headers and more.
    view oft emails
  • Go to Export tab now and choose CSV as the saving option.
    choose csv
  • Choose the Destination Path and click the Save button to begin the conversion process.

As you can see on the screen that the app starts converting OFT files to CSV format. This conversion process will take only a few moments. Wait until the process completes.

Powerful Features of the Application

  • Accuracy: A professional OFT to CSV Converter ensures that the data is accurately converted from one format to another. This is important as any errors in data can lead to incorrect results.
  • Speed: A professional OFT to CSV Converter can quickly convert a large set of data from one format to another in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually. This is especially helpful when dealing with large datasets.
  • Security: Professional OFT to CSV Converters are secure, meaning that your data is safe from any malicious attacks or viruses. This is especially important when dealing with sensitive data or information.
  • Bulk Conversion: With the help of this amazing tool, one can easily convert multiple OFT files to CSV in bulk at the same time.
  • Convert Selective Files: If you need to convert selected OFT files into CSV format, you can do it with this app. The utility allow users to choose only those files you need to convert.
  • Windows Compatible: This OFT to CSV Converter is compatible with all the editions of Windows. You can use it on Windows 11 and earlier editions to convert OFT to CSV contacts.
  • Choose Destination: The application allow users to choose the location where they need to get the output data.
  • Preview All Data: With this solution, you can also preview all the data before the conversion. It provides the detailed preview of OFT files.

There are plenty other incredible features in this program in addition to these.

The Conclusion

Hope you are not aware of the solution to convert OFT to CSV format. Our application is 100% safe and reliable. With this app, you can safely convert multiple OFT files into CSV format without facing hassle. We assure you that this application will give you accurate and safe results.