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How to Convert Multiple BMP to JPG Image Format?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 18th, 2022
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There are many applications available for converting images. However, few of them can convert multiple images to JPG format at one time. This article will describe how to convert multiple BMP to JPG format using a batch process.

Because it is not designed for coloured images with blends or gradients, you won’t see many images in BMP or Bitmap format these days. BMP is an outdated file type that was the default in Windows XP Paint. It is lossless in terms of technical aspects, yet it has little compression.

Why Does User want to Convert Photo from BMP to JPG?

A BMP file, sometimes known as a bitmap, is a raster image file for creating by Microsoft primarily for usage on Windows computers. Many apps on both Microsoft and Apple platforms accept BMP files, which are often used for digital pictures. They can’t be scaled indefinitely since they’re raster files, which are based on pixels rather than mathematics. However, they are high-quality picture files that store a lot of information and can be compressed without losing that information or any colour detail. As a result, file sizes may get rather big.

A raster image format or JPG is commonly for use in digital photography. Because of their tiny size, JPG files are great for uploading and sharing online, and they can be read by almost any software on computers and mobile devices. It’s the world’s most used picture compression format, and it’s the default for many digital cameras and smartphone cameras. This is because they highly compress without sacrificing a significant quantity of data. You’ll come across JPGs if you work with digital photographs of any form.

When dealing with digital data, you may run across BMP files, which are huge raster image files. They’re enormous files since their high-quality photos with a lot of info. This is excellent, but what if you need to send a huge quantity for a fast review or publish them on a website? It is not always necessary for photos to be of the highest possible quality. To convert multiple BMP to JPG files is an excellent approach to decrease picture size and make them more useable. Smaller files allow you to upload and distribute them more quickly, and they take up less space.

Best Way to Save BMP File as JPG Format

To convert multiple BMP to JPG, we have found two methods for you, the first method is for those users who have BMP files in bulk and don’t want to suffer any image loss or loss of their quality. The second method is for users who have limited images and don’t mind the image quality. Let’s have a look at how to put them both to use.

Method 1: Using Expert Recommended Solution

This solution is invented by the 4n6 company and its name is 4n6 Bmp File Converter Software. This software is the best software to convert multiple BMP to JPG and this software does not allow loss of image quality while converting the image. If you have big-size BMP files then you can convert that too without any restrictions. Let’s read the steps to use this image converter software and then implement them, after that you will come to know that this software is also very easy to use.

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Guidance on How to Use BMP to JPG Converter Software

  1. Firstly BMP to JPG Converter downloads and installs on your computer.
    bmp to jpg converter
  2. After that hit on the Open button and select the BMP option in the drop-down menu and then upload the file which you want to convert them
    upload bmp files
  3. After the uploading, you can preview your BMP file in the software panel
    preview bmp image
  4. Thereafter press the Export option in the top menu bar and choose the JPG option in the drop-down menu
    select jpg
  5. Finally, select the preferred location path and hit the save button now your BMP images will be converted into JPG format
    select jpg files

Method 2: Using Microsoft Paint

  1. Then once, open your BMP file in Paint. After that, choose File and then Save As.
  2. Select JPG as the file format from the Save as type dropdown menu. That’s all there is to it when it comes to converting BMP to JPG.
  3. There are alternative solutions, as I mentioned above if you happen to be using a computer or device that doesn’t have Paint installed.

Note: If you are thinking of using this method, then let us tell you that this method is useful for those people who have limited image files because if you convert your image one by one then it will be very helpful. Will be time-consuming and this may result in a loss of image quality as well.


In conclusion, the best way to convert multiple BMP to JPG image formats is by using BMP to JPG converter software. This tool is a simple and powerful software for converting multiple images. You can save your converted images in different image formats without losing the image quality like TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD, PDF etc. Although we have told two methods in this article, we will recommend automatic software because with its help you will be able to save BMP files in JPG very easily.