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Know-How to Convert JPG File to WEBP Image Format with Easiest Method

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 19th, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

WebP is a new image format that is being used to replace JPEG as the default format for web images. It has the potential to be a lot better than JPG. For one thing, it’s much smaller and faster to download than JPEG. Another advantage of WebP is that it can be compressed much more efficiently than JPG, meaning that you can reduce the file size even more without losing any quality.

Convert JPG file to WEBP file format is a very easy and fast process, but it may not always be possible. For example, you may have a picture of a person and you need to convert it to a WebP image. But the original picture may be in the JPG format. So, what should you do? In this article, I will show you how to convert JPEG to WebP.

User Query;

Hello, I have over a thousand crucial photographs on my phone that I need to convert to WEBP. The photographs’ quality must be preserved. While looking for a solution on Google, I discovered that there are several JPG to WEBP converter software available, but none of them meets my needs. So will you kindly recommend anything that meets my needs?

Why Does User Want to Change JPEG to WEBP Format?

The typical images use a large amount of server space. Additionally, there is a good probability that it will make your websites slower.

  • The fundamental benefit of the WebP format is that it allows for the creation of smaller picture files without sacrificing image quality. The website will thus load faster as a consequence of picture compression.
  • Server space is being used up by normal pictures. You’ll lose storage space, and certain websites may run more slowly as a result. That’s why the WebP format is so popular among web designers.

Learn How to Change JPG Files to WEBP Files?

There is no manual method to do this conversion, so we have come up with an automatic solution to convert JPG file to WEBP google image format, with the help of which you can also convert images to WEBP in bulk, and the name of that automatic solution is 4n6 JPG file converter software. With the help of this software, you can convert any image without loss of quality.

Free Download

How to Use JPEG to WEBP Converter Software?

  1. Firstly, download the JPG to WEBP converter tool on your PC and then install it on your windows platform
    jpg to webp converter
  2. After the installation click on the open tab in the menu bar and then select the JPG/JPEG images which your choice and then upload the files
    upload jpg files
  3. After the uploading, you can view your .jpg or .jpeg images on the right side of the software panel
    jpg preview
  4. Thereafter hit the Export tab in the menu bar and then select the WEBP option in the drop-down menu for the conversion process
    select webp
  5. Finally, choose the last destination path for the resultant files and then hit the Save button, now your JPEG or JPG files will be converted into WEBP format
    webp save

Features of JPG to WEBP Converter Software

  • It’s possible to batch convert many JPG files to WEBP files with the JPG to WEBP Batch Converter. Users may save both time and effort in the process of using this software.
  • Users may edit their photographs without publishing them on the web, making it the ideal offline application for security.
  • It displays all photos in the program interface before convert JPG file to WEBP format so that customers may choose just certain files for conversion.
  • In this software, you may choose where to save the converted WEBP images.
  • For each JPG file that is converted to WEBP, the image converter software generates a distinct resulting WEBP file.
  • There is no restriction on the size of a JPG that may be converted to a PNG. It has been tested with 50GB of JPEG images by 4n6 developers.


A manual conversion is a good option if a user has several photographs and wants to convert JPG file to WEBP file. The manual technique fails terribly if we have a large number of JPG pictures and wish to produce a distinct WEBP file for each additional image. This is due to the fact that if you have 100 photos, the identical procedure must be repeated 100 times. Any kind or size of JPEG file you have will work well with the program I’ve mentioned.