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How to Convert Image to AI File Format With Complete Information?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 8th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary: Get here the step-by-step process to convert Image to AI file format without facing issues.

With the rapid development of technology, the process of converting images from one format to another has become a common practice. The problem is that it’s not easy to do. If you want to make the conversion process easier, you’ll need a professional tool to do it.

Now, let us introduce you to a professional 4n6 Image Converter Software that lets you convert image to AI file format very easily. It’s an all-in-one solution for you to convert multiple formats with this software, and it has many other features as well.

By the way, the Illustrator file is a vector graphics editor that can be used to create high-quality illustrations, illustrations and logos.

There are several reasons why you might want to convert image to AI file formats. Perhaps you want to make sure that you can open an AI file in another program or application, or you want to get the best possible results when you use an AI file in a presentation. Whatever the case, it’s important to know how to change a photo to the AI ​​file format.

Advantages of AI File Format

  • The AI format supports layers and The ability for users to operate with more than one layer is uncommon in vector-based formats. It is possible to create artwork of higher quality when a format can handle layers.
  • It is possible to include text components in AI files. When it comes to logos, the AI format is better than other vector formats since it covers text effectively.
  • As a vector-based image format, AI provides a clean, flat, scaleable picture that can be used for both print and online design.
  • Transparency may be selected while working with an AI format file. Using a transparent picture instead of changing the fill colour every time a website requires a new appearance may not seem like a huge deal, but it really is.
  • The size of AI files is quite low. AI files are smaller than PSD files, despite the fact that they are larger than the usual text file. They are easy to save, distribute and put on a website because of this.

Best Way to Convert Image to AI File Format

The name of tool that most people rely on to convert image to AI file format is the 4n6 image to AI converter software. You can convert your files to this software on your own very easily without any technical knowledge and without the help of any other person. With the help of this software, you can convert into many formats without any data loss and without losing the image quality. And now you must be wondering whether there are any size restrictions to upload image files in this software or not, then the answer is no, this software does not have any size restrictions for uploading photos.


How to Convert Image to AI File Format in Simple Clicks?

  1. Firstly, download Image to AI Converter software on your PC and then install it on your Windows machine
    image to ai converter
  2. After the installation, click on the open button in the top corner menu bar and then upload the images with the help of Choose folder and choose file option in the drop-down menu
    upload images
  3. You can preview your images on the right side of the software panel after the files uploaded
    preview images
  4. Pick the AI option in the drop-down menu after clicking the Export button in the menu bar for continuing the conversion process
    choose ai file
  5. Finally, choose the last destination path for the exported files and then hit the Save button, now your image files will be converted into AI file format

Key Features of Image to AI Converter Software

  • Our program provides customers with a variety of beneficial features. In the section below, we’ve listed each one:
  • Without sacrificing picture quality, users may bulk convert image to AI file Illustrator format in single processing.
  • You can accurately convert image to AI file format in a single effort.
  • If required, you may choose which picture files to save in AI format.
  • Any software that converts photos to AI files does not need any further external installation.
  • Using the picture to AI Converter, users may store the output data where they’d like.
  • Any technical or non-technical user may utilize the program because of its straightforward and user-friendly graphical user interface.
  • The progressive conversion progress report allows you to completely evaluate the picture to AI converter software.


We’ve shown you how to effortlessly convert image to AI file formats in the preceding section. Because it’s so user-friendly, we would like to suggest you to use professional option. You may try out the program for free by downloading the demo version. Buying a license version is an option if you are happy with the demo version. It’s time for you to make a good choice.