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How to Convert GIF to AI Illustrator File Format? Effectively Solution

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Nick Rogers
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January 24th, 2023
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With the rise of the GIF format, it has become a very popular file type. But with that popularity, comes many problems. The biggest problem is that GIFs can be difficult to read and view. The other issue is that the format is becoming obsolete. GIFs were originally designed as a way to quickly create animations in the early 1990’s, but since then, it has evolved into something else. Today, GIFs are often used for sharing images and memes online. Unfortunately, this means that the file size of a GIF can be enormous. This makes GIFs difficult to view, especially on mobile devices. This is why you should convert GIF to AI Illustrator file format. This will help you get rid of the problems with GIFs and make them easier to view, share, and even edit.

Differentiate Between GIF and AI File Format

Due to their capacity to hold animations and pictures in a comparatively tiny size, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) files are quite useful. GIF files are excellent for storing static and moving pictures of modest sizes, such as logos, icons, or avatars, particularly if you want to download or upload them online. Their compression method mandates the usage of a restricted colour range (up to 256 colours). However, GIF pictures are often not appropriate for high-quality image rendering or printing.

Adobe Illustrator uses the exclusive AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork) format to produce vector-based illustrations. Despite being very well-liked by graphic designers since it allows for the creation and manipulation of vector-based designs. The majority of picture viewers may turn out to be incompatible with AI files. Designers often choose to convert things to a more user-friendly format after finishing the sketch for this reason.

AI graphics may scale to any size since they are vectors, allowing for unlimited flexibility. All of the design components for use in AI, such as strokes, lines, and forms, are including in an AI file, allowing for subsequent editing. AI’s content complexity led to comparatively huge file sizes. So, if you convert GIF to AI vector file format, then you will be able to do all editing of your files on your own.

How to Change GIF File to AI Vector Format?

Using 4n6 GIF File Converter Software, you can easily convert GIF to AI formats. This solution takes care of the quality of your GIF files at the time of conversion and has no size limit. If you are thinking that there are many online tools on the web then why not use them. The answer is you should go for offline software as it is safe and reliable. And this offline image converter software does not save your data on the web at the time of conversion, so experts also recommend this software.

Free Download

How to Use GIF to AI Converter Software?

  1. Firstly, download the GIF to AI Converter software on your PC and install it on your Windows platform
    gif to ai converter
  2. After the installation, you can click the open button in the menu bar and then select the GIF option
    upload gif files
  3. You can preview your .gif files after they uploaded
    gif file preview
  4. Eventually, hit the Export button in the menu bar and then select the AI option in the drop-down menu the continue conversion process
    select ai option
  5. Finally, select the destination path for the converted files and then hit the Save button, now your GIF files will be converted into AI file format
    save ai files

Advance Features of GIF to AI Converter Tool

  1. It just takes a few minutes to use the application to convert GIF to AI format.
  2. Users may import one or more GIF files at once using the dual option provided by this GIF to AI file converter.
  3. Without imposing any file size restrictions, it can also convert many GIF files at once.
  4. Users may choose the essential data from the available alternatives when the software displays all the folders and files on the panel.
  5. Users may save the converted file format anywhere they’d want, depending on their needs.
  6. Text formatting, color combination, headers, and other information are all maintained and preserved by the technology without sacrificing the quality of the images.

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Here, we’ve included all the necessary information and instructions for converting GIF files to AI files. There are several manual ways available online, however, if you utilise them, your picture quality won’t preserve. Use the aforementioned method to convert GIF to AI without losing any information.