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How to Convert Animated GIF to SVG Image Format? Complete Easiest Methods

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Nick Rogers
Published On
January 24th, 2023
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4 Minutes

The animated gif is a widely used web animation format, but it’s limited by the fact that it can only display static images. When you need to create an animation that includes a large number of images, you’ll quickly find that this format becomes very difficult to manage. To get around this problem, you can convert animated GIF to SVG vector format. The result is a much more flexible, scalable, and high-quality animation that you can use on any device.

SVG is the successor to the GIF image format. It can use to create vector graphics, animations, and interactive content. It has a number of advantages over its predecessor, including being scalable, interactive, and editable. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to convert animated GIF to SVG fully-fledged.

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Comparison Between GIF Files and SVG Files

The bitmap file format is known as Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) uses pixels to create straightforward graphics using the RGB colour scheme. GIF employs lossless compression and permits animation without audio, in contrast to the uncompressed BMP file format. GIFs are most often to using in animated form for ads, emotive social media comments, and Internet memes, which frequently go viral.

SVG is an open-standard file format that is independent of resolution. It is built on XML, employs vector graphics, and enables a little amount of animation. As the name suggests, scalability is the key advantage of utilising an SVG file. Without sacrificing picture quality, this file format may scale. SVG is also distinct since it is not an image format. Instead, it is an XML-based standard that gives instructions for making vector pictures in two dimensions.

How to Convert Animated GIF to SVG Files Format?

4n6 GIF Converter software is a reliable and reliable solution to convert animated GIF to SVG in bulk. This software converts your images without harming their quality and without any size restrictions. Apart from this, if you want to convert animated gifs to any other format, then you can convert them to 10+ formats. You can use this software even without internet access, although you will find many online tools on the internet, before using them, you have to keep one thing in mind if you use this software then your data will leak. becomes at risk. This is because this software saves your data on its servers at the time of conversion.

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Direction on How to Use GIF to SVG Converter Software

  1. Download the GIF to SVG converter software on your PC and install it on your windows platform
    gif to svg converter
  2. After the installation click the open button in the menu bar and then select the GIF option in the drop-down menu and then upload the .gif extension files to the software panel
    select gif files
  3. Thereafter preview the uploaded files in the software panel
    preview gif files before convert into svg
  4. Eventually, click on the Export button in the menu bar and then select the SVG option in the drop-down menu for the conversion process
    choose svg
  5. Finally, select the preferred location path for converted files and then hit the Save button, now your animated GIF files will be converted into SVG format
    save svg files

Advance Features of Animated GIF to SVG Converter Software

  • GIF files (single or numerous) may add at once using the image converter software tool.
  • Bulk convert animated GIF to SVG to do many conversions at once.
  • Preserves the picture quality during the converting procedure
  • No data exchange outside of your PC since all conversion takes place locally.
  • By storing each file in the proper directory, you can quickly locate the output files.
  • Fully functional with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista, among others


We provided a thorough explanation of how to convert animated GIF to SVG picture format in the blog post above. The all-in-one GIF to SVG Converter solution is an automatic application that does not need any technical skills for its function. It is error-free and simple to use. Also, if you are someone who wants to check out the tool’s functioning before spending money on it, then have the trial version downloaded on your computer. It is free of cost and lets a user convert a few GIF files into SVG or other file types.