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How to Convert Evernote to Markdown? Easy Guide

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 8th, 2024
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6 Minutes Reading

Evernote has been the go-to app for organizing thoughts, ideas, and information. Its powerful features and cross-platform compatibility make it the best choice for users. However, as preferences and needs change, professionals start looking for alternatives where Markdown files are the first choice for many. In this 4n6 article, we aim to help you explore the finest way to convert Evernote notes to Markdown. Continue reading the text below for an easier step-by-step guide.

Evernote is basically a note-taking app available for Windows, macOS, etc. This application can be used to create notes that may contain text, images, audio, etc. This app usually exports its notes and notebooks and also imports them in ENEX which is the default format of Evernote.

On the other hand, Markdown (MD) is a Markup language with a plain text format. Using this format, users can write structured documents with easy-to-read syntax that can be converted to HTML and PDF. While both Evernote ENEX and MD are the best in their respective niches, there are several reasons why you might convert. You may discover some of the main reasons why you may convert Evernote to MD.

Why Should You Convert Evernote ENEX to Markdown (MD)?

  • Simplicity: Evernote may seem bulky or feature-rich to many professionals who prefer a more streamlined experience. Whereas writing and formatting content in Markdown is simple and requires minimum efforts from any technical level of users.
  • Platform-independent: Markdown files can be accessed on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Linux using any standard text editor. This feature ensures that you can open and edit your notes without being tied to a specific program. ENEX, on the other hand, requires you to use the Evernote app to access your Notes and Notebooks.
  • Portability: Markdown document files can easily be migrated to other platforms or can be converted to other formats easily. While ENEX files can only be accessed using Evernote and cannot be easily migrated or converted to other formats.

So, these are the key benefits of Markdown file over Evernote that lead to this conversion. Now, let’s get back to our work and find out the best solutions to convert ENEX to MD.

How to Convert Evernote to Markdown?

There is a manual way to convert Evernote to MD, although it may require a lot of effort and techniques and may not be as automated as the 4n6 ENEX Converter. This software provides you with an easy process to convert your files without going through many technical steps. This software is completely standalone and does not need to be configured with Evernote to convert ENEX to Markdown.

This app comes in a free version that you can download using the button above. It is easy to use, time-efficient and can convert Evernote Notes and Notebooks to MD in bulk and in just a few easy steps. You can discover all the stages of the tool’s operation below.

Steps to Convert Evernote Notes to MD

  • Download, install and open the 4n6 Software on Windows computer.
    download tool to convert Evernote to Markdown
  • Now, click the Open menu and click Choose Files or Choose Folder option.
    click open and choose files
  • Browse, import and view ENEX files into the software right panel.
    upload and view evernote files
  • Now, click the Export menu and select MD from the drop down list.
    select MD saving option
  • Click browse button and select location to save files. Finally click the Save button.
    convert ENEX to MD

That’s it! These are the only steps to convert Evernote to Markdown. This software is amazing and makes conversion work in a piece of cake. If you want to learn more about this utility, read on.

Discover More about the Professional Solution

  • Easy to Use: This utility is designed for all levels of technical users. Any professional can convert ENEX to MD easily with this tool even without having any technical knowledge.
  • Batch Conversion: This tool is time-efficient and allows you to convert multiple Evernote ENEX files to Markdown at the same time without any data loss or complexity.
  • Convert All Elements: This tool is all reliable and allows you to convert Notes from Evernote to MD with all features. You may convert all text, image, web clipping simultaneously.
  • Standalone: This app does not require Evernote setup to convert notes and notebooks to Markdown. This tool is standalone and works effectively.
  • Completely Secured: This application is safe to use. It maintains complete integrity of your ENEX content while converting to MD and offers you the best results.

In Conclusion

In the above content, we have provided you the best solution to convert Evernote to Markdown. Since there is a manual method available but it is time consuming and technical, we have brought you the effective conversion tool without wasting your time. You can download and use the professional utility for free at first and start converting ENEX to MD.

Also, if you encounter any difficulty during the conversion process and need any assistance, you can contact us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Does Evernote export notes into an MD file?

No, Evernote only allows you to export notes in ENEX and some formats, not MD.

Question 2) Can I convert ENEX to MD without installing Evernote?

Yes, the tool allows you to convert orphan ENEX files containing your notes and notebooks to MD without configuring with the Evernote app.

Question 3) Can I convert complex image and table in Evernote Notes to Markdown format?

No, there are some components such as image, attachments or advanced formatting that may not be accurately saved in the conversion process.

Question 4) Can I convert only specific pages in Notebook to MD?

Yes. To do this specific task, you can first delete unwanted pages from the notebook and then convert them to MD.

Question 5) Can I convert multiple Evernote notes to Markdown at once?

Yes, with 4n6 software, you can convert Evernote note and notebook to Markdown in bulk.

Question 6) Does this software work with Evernote Web App?

No, it is preferable to use the software for the desktop-based Evernote application.