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Powerful ENEX Viewer Software to View and Read Evernote Files without Evernote Application.

Software Rating (Average Rating 4.8 Based on 1238 Reviews)

  • Successfully supports to view multiple ENEX files in batch at once to save time
  • Ability to easily view, open and read Evernote Notebooks and Notes files .enex
  • ENEX Notes Viewer Tool to read single or multiple Evernote files as per need
  • Proven Evernote viewer to view ENEX files while maintaining their data integrity
  • Completely free of cost software to view unlimited ENEX files without restrictions
  • Best ENEX Viewer Tool to read Evernote ENEX files along with all attachments
  • This advance tool is 100% secure and has a very simple graphical user interface
  • Advance Search feature to search and find evidences within ENEX files or folders
  • Download ENEX File Reader for free on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1...

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best and easy enex file viewer

Free ENEX File Viewer

Easy to Use and Safe ENEX File Reader for Windows

ENEX Viewer is the highly rated, reliable, and user-friendly software that offers a seamless experience to view and access ENEX files or folders. With the help of it's basic user interface, browsing ENEX files is very easy. Whether you are viewing an ENEX file or an attachment, this accurate view allows you to view it without facing any type of issue in some simple clicks.

  • Free Download ENEX File Viewer and Run it on Windows
  • Click Select tab and browse Evernote Notebook and Note files
  • This software Will quickly load your Evernote files on the left panel
  • Click the loaded files and view ENEX files without Evernote

Note: If you need to save Evernote ENEX files in another format, use ENEX Converter Software.

Deeply Analyze ENEX Files

Deeply Analyze ENEX Files without Evernote Program

4n6 ENEX File Viewer is the most reliable application that offers a wide range of advanced features to facilitate in-depth analysis. This advanced software allows you to easily browse ENEX files, view and search for specific notes or attachments.

  • 100% tried and tested ENEX Notes Viewer for Windows users
  • Best ENEX Viewer Tool for personal and business users
  • 24*7 support facility available for all types of help
  • No file size limitations to open and view Evernote Notebooks

Key Features

Explore the Amazing Features of ENEX File Viewer

View Multiple ENEX Files in Bulk

ENEX Viewer is a very efficient and powerful software developed to meet all the needs of users to work with multiple ENEX files easily. This Advanced ENEX File Reader provides bulk preview functionality. This amazing feature allows you to easily view multiple ENEX files at once without any problem. No need to browse Evernote files one by one to preview your data.

View ENEX Files without Evernote

4n6 ENEX File Viewer is a complete standalone application available to Windows users. To view ENEX files you no longer need to install any supporting applications. This complete utility allows you to easily read ENEX files without the Evernote application. So, say bye bye to the hassle of installing Evernote application to view multiple ENEX files on Windows computer.

View and Save Evernote Attachments

Evernote Viewer software is a powerful application that allows you to easily analyze Evernote attachments. When you right-click on an Evernote attachment, the application provides three options: View, Save, or Save All. These three amazing options of ENEX File Viewer help you to easily view and save Evernote attachments to any desired location without wasting any time and efforts.

Maintains Originality of Evernote Files

The Free ENEX File Viewer efficiently manages the hierarchy and data integrity of Evernote files. This viewer allows you to safely access and view the contents of ENEX files without worrying about potential harm. We guarantee that your files will not be damaged and you will always maintain the originality of your Evernote files. So, feel free to download and use ENEX Viewer to read Evernote files.

Best ENEX File Viewer for Windows

4n6 ENEX Viewer is a fully Windows compatible application. It doesn't matter which Windows OS you use. It all supports successfully. ENEX Reader can be easily downloaded, installed and run on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and below. Download the software for free today and view Evernote ENEX files, including header and body content along with attachments.

Search Feature of ENEX Viewer Software

Evernote Viewer Tool offers numerous advanced features and attractive features. The search option is one of them. The search function is very useful for finding specific files or words in a moment. This advanced software was developed to help you safely and quickly find the information you need, whenever you need it. Whether you're searching for a specific file or specific words, 4n6 ENEX Viewer search feature will help you.

No Limitations to view ENEX files

4n6 ENEX File Reader is an amazing tool that allows you to view ENEX files accurately and smoothly without any limitations. With this perfect tool, you can easily read Evernote files of any size without any problem. Whether you need to view small or large files, the 4n6 ENEX Viewer Software ensures maximum performance and efficiency.

Compact View of ENEX File Viewer

4n6 ENEX Reader is the best software to help forensic investigators perform the difficult task of searching and finding evidence in multiple Evernote files. This Evernote Viewer Tool provides advanced Compact View capabilities to solve the challenges investigators face. This feature allows users to easily view all folders and subfolders contained within Evernote.

Software Specifications

4n6 ENEX File Viewer Software Specification

Software Download

Size : 10.5 MB

Version : 1.0

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
131.1 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz Processor

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of the product is automatic. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email containing the Evernote Viewer download link and activation key within minutes.

Software Screenshots

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the ENEX Viewer Software
run enex file viewer
browse enex files
preview enex files in detail
save enex files


Video Tutorial of ENEX File Viewer

User Reviews & Industry Recognitions

Free ENEX Notes Viewer Tool Awards & Reviews
CNET Reviews and Award

We recently had a chance to try out the 4n6 ENEX File Viewer Software. After using it, we were really impressed with its working. This 4n6 ENEX Viewer is really useful for viewing unlimited Evernote files without Evernote application. We would recommend this software to anyone who needs a free application to read ENEX files.

Software Informer Reviews and Award

Software Informer
Developed by the trusted brand 4n6 Inc, 4n6 ENEX Notes Viewer is a highly recommended and secure application with top ratings from our team. This efficient software is really useful for viewing ENEX files without any problem. So, if you are someone who needs to read ENEX files, use this amazing Evernote Viewer Software.


Comparision of Free & Pro Version


Free Viewer

Viewer Pro

View ENEX File Content

Auto File Scanning

View ENEX File Attachments

Advance Search Option

Unlimited ENEX File Conversion



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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the below steps to view multiple ENEX files:

  • Step 1: Download and run 4n6 ENEX File Viewer Software on Windows 11 computer
  • Step 2: Click the Select button and browse your ENEX files or folders as per need
  • Step 3: ENEX Viewer will immediately load the files selected in the left panel
  • Step 4: Click the loaded files and preview ENEX files content without Evernote

No, our free ENEX File Viewer Software allows you to read unlimited ENEX file content without any restrictions.

No, it is a Windows-based application. It can only run on any version of Windows operating system.

Yes, this application allows you to view the content and header information of ENEX files.

Yes, ENEX File Reader successfully supports viewing both Evernote Notebook and Note.

Perform other actions with your ENEX files using 4n6 ENEX Splitter and 4n6 ENEX Merge software.


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