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How to Delete Pages from Evernote Notebook in Simple Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 12th, 2024
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5 Minutes Reading

Evernote is a versatile application that allows users to organize Notes, Documents, and other data in one place. But sometimes, working with and managing Evernote content can become challenging. Especially when deleting unnecessary pages from your Evernote notebook. So, if you are one of the people who are facing the same problem and looking for ways to delete pages from Evernote Notebook, then this blog will be very useful for you.

Why Delete Unnecessary Pages from Evernote?

Before getting into the process, let’s take a look at the common reasons for deleting pages from Evernote.

  • Outdated Information: Maybe you have some outdated or irrelevant content in your Evernote notebook. Deleting pages can help you keep your notes correct and accurate.
  • Organizational Purpose: In order to organize your notebook and easily find some specific information, deleting unnecessary pages can be very beneficial.
  • Privacy Concern: If you share your Evernote notebook with others and want to delete specific pages to maintain privacy, it is important to know how to delete pages from Notebook.

How to Delete Pages from Evernote Notebook?

In the following content, we will provide you with all the possible ways to delete unnecessary pages from your Evernote notebook.

Method 1: Using Evernote Web

Follow the step-by-step process:

  • Open Evernote Web: Through a web-browser, login to your Evernote account.
  • Navigate to the Notebook: Here, find and select the Notebook from which you need to delete pages.
  • Select the Page: Click the page you need to delete to open it.
  • Delete the Page: Once the page is open, click the Delete button or the trash can icon usually found at the top of the page or in the menu.

Confirm the Deletion: A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Confirm the deletion.

Method 2: Remove Pages Using Evernote Desktop

  • Launch the Evernote application on your system and open it.
  • Now, find and select the Notebook from which you need to delete page.
  • Right click on the page and click the Delete button from the context menu.
  • Finally, click the Confirm deletion to remove page from Evernote Notebook.

That’s it. The above method allows you to delete Evernote pages from your notebook using your web browser and desktop.

Additional Tips

  • It is recommended to back up pages before deletion to avoid any unexpected data loss.
  • After deleting notebook pages, remember to empty the trash so no one can restore them.
  • Check your Evernote notebooks regularly and delete any unnecessary and outdated data.

Limitations of the Manual Methods

  • Using manual method, it is not possible to delete multiple pages from Evernote notebook at one time.
  • You have to go through all the steps over and over to delete all the unwanted pages, so the process becomes very time-consuming.
  • Due to the lack of a confirmation prompt or undo option, there is a risk of accidentally deleting important pages.
  • Deleting pages from your Evernote notebook won’t help you manage your notes properly.

Method 3: Overcome All Limitations with 4n6 Software

Overcome all limitations with 4n6 ENEX Merge Software. Using this application, it is very easy to delete all unnecessary pages from your Evernote notebook at the same time. The application is safe, trusted and easy to use. You will not face any type of problem while using this process. This tool allows you to select the pages that need to be deleted and will complete your work without losing and changing other information. Furthermore, you just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Download the software on your Windows computer. (Free software only helps to test the software. To perform this task, you must purchase a license key.)
  • Install and run the software and click on the “Open” button to start the process.
    click open
  • Now, use the choose files or folders option to browse and select your Evernote notebook.
    choose files or folders
  • The app quickly loads your notebooks onto the left panel. Click on it and preview your note.
    preview evernote files
  • After that, click on the “Export” button and select the “Merge” option.
    choose merge option
  • Here, please select the output location where you need to get the result files.
  • Now, click on Advanced Merge Options and deselect the pages that need to be deleted.
    choose advance merge
  • Finally, click the “Save” button to start deleting the Evernote page.
    click save

When the completion message appears, browse to the selected folder and verify your files.

Note: If you face any kind of problem and need advice on the proper use of this software, you can always contact us. We are always at your service.

Key Features of the Suggested Expert Tool

  • With this app, you can easily perform the bulk deletion of unnecessary notes from your Evernote Notebook.
  • The app allows you to preview your notes first and then select the ones you need to delete.
  • While deleting pages from Evernote Notebook, the application maintains all the other files.
  • The application has a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface for the ease.
  • With this advanced software, you can choose where you need to get refreshed notebooks containing only the latest data.
  • The application is completely tried and tested. You will definitely get the accurate and safe results.
  • You can download and use this application on Windows 11, Windows 10, and below editions.
  • Even the software allows you to delete pages from Evernote notebooks without application support.

Like these, this software also offers many other benefits.

The Conclusion

In today’s blog, we discuss the topic of how to delete pages from Evernote notebooks. Here we provide all possible ways to accomplish this task. However, it is recommended to use professional software to delete unnecessary notes in Evernote notebooks. It will provide you with 100% accurate and secure results without losing any information.