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#1 Zimbra to G Suite Migration Tool by 4n6 – Free Download Now !

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Hello, I want to transfer all mailboxes of my Zimbra account to a Google Workspace account, but the problem is that the Zimbra account does not allow me to do this. So I’m looking for the best tools that can help me with this. Please help me get a reliable Zimbra to G Suite migration program. Thank you very much.               – Natalie, San Francisco

Are you facing similar situations and need the appropriate solution? Well, such a data migration problem is very common these days. And most of the time, email accounts don’t offer a manual function to accomplish the task. So all that remains is a compatible program that can help you.

So let us help you by offering you one of the most widely supported Zimbra to G Suite migration tool. We are sure you will love it. So let’s go through it quickly.

One of the Best Zimbra to G Suite Migration Software

4n6 Zimbra Converter Tool is your way out of the situation. This tool is best suited to get the job done as it is particularly designed to migrate the Zimbra data. This Zimbra to Google Workspace migration tool takes care of all of your convenience and is able to get this job done in a snap.

Now let us tell you the benefits of using this Zimbra to G Suite migration tool. We’ll start by walking you through the complete steps. There is a little process that you need to follow. We provide you with a complete manual for this so that once you know it; you will have no trouble following it.

Process for Migrating from Zimbra Mailboxes to G Suite

  • First you need to download Zimbra to G Suite migration tool on your Windows machine.


Install the application by choosing the preferred language and then launch it, once the installation is finished. Now, click the Open button.

click on open button

Then click on Choose Folders or Choose Files option to load Zimbra data.

choose files or folders for zimbra to g suite migration

You will then see all the mailboxes from the selected accounts have started to load onto tool. once all the folders are visible, you can overview them.

preview your data

Now click on the Export tab and then click IMAP from drop-down menu.

choose saving

Enter the G Suite email address and password, also enter the Google Workspace IMAP server name, then click the Save button

The process will then start, once click the Save button. The entire migration takes only a few moments and once it is complete, information will be displayed on the tool’s user interface to let you know.

You know the process, but there are still many things you need to know. Well, it’s important to know why this Zimbra to G Suite migration tool is perfect for the job. So that you know it, we would like to introduce you to some functions. Once you know them, you can get an idea of how powerful the tool is.

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Check out Some Features of the Zimbra to G Suite Migrator

1. Select Zimbra Data Manually: The Zimbra to G Suite migration tool takes care of your convenience and then offers you the corresponding functions. Hence, in addition to selecting the entire account, you can also manually select the Zimbra files and folders from the device.

2. Migrate Batch Zimbra to Google Workspace: We’re sure you may not wish to spend a lot of time on a single task. Well, this tool doesn’t want you to do that either. Hence, you’re free migrate as many folders as you want in a single process without facing any error.

3. Migrate Complete Data from Zimbra: This tool evaluates all of your data and therefore migrates it completely. Not only does it migrate the email, it also migrates the attachments, contacts and any other data that may be associated with your Zimbra account.

4. Preview All Your Zimbra Mailboxes Data: This application also allows you to review all of your data before migrating it. This feature is very valuable for those who are not configured with the Zimbra account and have difficulty accessing its data. Hence, if you need a compatible application to access the data, this app can help.

5. Include Email Headers: Do you need to include the email header when migrating Zimbra? No problem, you can. It’s up to you, if you want to see the complete email journey; you need to enable this email header option. With this tool, you are allowed to manage the process.

6. Standalone App to Migrate Zimbra Data: This Zimbra to Google Workspace migration tool is completely independent and does not require any additional app configuration to complete the process. it is self-sufficient and able to migrate all of the data independently.

In Conclusion

The Zimbra to G Suite migration tool looks perfect to migrate the Zimbra data. it’s automated, reliable, and efficient, and requires very little help from you. It is very easy to use and also offers you a mountain of functions that you can use for different purposes. Hence, you have to try it for a better trip and experience.