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How to Migrate Zimbra to Yahoo Mail Account?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 17-10-2022 ~ Zimbra ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Tired of managing your email with a desktop-based email client like Zimbra? Are you thinking of migrating all data to a cloud server for easy accessibility? What about Yahoo, do you prefer that too? Well, that’s perfect because our only purpose is to help all of those who need to migrate Zimbra to Yahoo!

Well, desktop-based email clients like Zimbra have so many advantages, but such an account is best for those who need to run it in a specific environment. However, if you are the person who can receive the email anytime and need constant access to it, this might not be for you as you have to take a configured device with you wherever you go.

However, Yahoo can solve this problem as it gives you the flexibility and mobility to access emails. You can then go through the emails even by phone. So, you can experience these benefits only if you migrate Zimbra to Yahoo! Let us, therefore, support you in this task.

Way to Migrate Zimbra to Yahoo Account

We introduce you to one of the best solutions to help accomplish this job. 4n6 Zimbra Converter Tool, yes, this is the way out of the current situation and the way to achieve your goal. This application is completely geared towards migrating the Zimbra account data and it does it very professionally.

There are many benefits to using this app, and we’ll start by walking you through the process. Yes, this is also a benefit as it is very small and easy to follow. You need to check it out because then you will know how to migrate Zimbra to Yahoo! using this app. So, carefully follow and familiarize yourself with the complete guide.

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Complete Process for Migrating From Zimbra to Yahoo Account

Free Download

  • To begin, click the icon to download the Zimbra to Yahoo Migrator for your Windows-compatible device. Install the programme by accepting some non-binding terms and conditions, and then execute it once it’s finished. Then choose the Open tab.
    download zimbra to Yahoo migrator
  • To load Zimbra data, go to the Choose Folders / Choose Files option.
    choose zimbe files folder
  • After you pick the Zimbra configured account, all of the folders will be imported into the programme. In the left pane, you can see the folders. You may preview the data here if necessary.
    zimbra emails in raw view
  • Select IMAP from the drop-down menu after clicking the Export tab.
    select imap option
  • Finally, click the Save button after entering your Yahoo email account and password, as well as the Yahoo IMAP server name.
    enter yahoo mail id and password

Watch this video tutorial for Convert Zimbra to Yahoo

Once you hit the Save button, you will see that the process has started and you can see the progress on the tool’s screen. It will only take a few seconds to complete the procedure, and you will be alerted when it is finished.

You finally know how to migrate Zimbra to Yahoo! using the tool. Now tell us something when you buy a new device, don’t you check its specs? You do right…? So don’t you want to see the specifications of the tool? Well, you should do, so we’re bringing you some of the best features, so you can get to know the tool better.

Some Primary Features of the Zimbra to Yahoo Migrator

1. Simple UI: You won’t face any trouble using this application to migrate Zimbra to Yahoo, and all the credit goes to its straightforward interface. It is very simple and convenient and no complexity and unnecessary thing take place during the process.

2. Migrate Required Data: This application allows you to choose which folders should be migrated and which should not. And for this, you just have to mark or unmark before the folders. See how simple is that.

3. Select Data Manually: This tool also allows you to select folders and files manually from the device. This is how you can only select the ones that are important. On the other hand, even if you have not configured the account, you can still migrate Zimbra to Yahoo.

4. Zimbra Data Preview: This application also acts as a Zimbra data viewer. See if you don’t have an application to access the Zimbra data with, you can use this Zimbra to yahoo Migrator for that purpose. Well, this app is all rolled into one.

5. Search Function: This function saves you a lot of time if you want to check a specific email. If you want to see emails from a certain email address or from a specified time period, you may use filters to accomplish so. The search function will help you completely.

6. Standalone Application: This tool is unique and doesn’t force you to download any other compatible app to migrate Zimbra to Yahoo. This application is independent and self-sufficient and can handle the entire task on its own.

As mentioned in the header, these are just a few of the features. We have only made these available to you as an overview. However, you must know that there are tons of surprises waiting for you so go and get them quick.

In Conclusion

The Zimbra to Yahoo Migrator is the best solution in every aspect. It gives you tons of features and an easy way to migrate Zimbra to Yahoo. It’s automated and can do this job in a matter of moments. So, if you want to have the best experience at work, you must try the tool.