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How to Wipe Unused Hard Drive Space in Easy Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
April 10th, 2023
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Note: In this informative article, you will learn how to wipe unused Hard Drive space. Also, we will describe what it is and why it must be cleaned. So, keep eye on the post until the very end to find all of your answers.

If you are unfamiliar with unused data, keep in mind that “unused space in a hard drive” refers to free storage space on a hard drive that is available but not being used to store data. It is the area between the data that is currently on the hard drive and its summation.

Why it is Important to Wipe Unused Space from Hard Drive?

Removing unused data from your hard drive is important because it helps protect sensitive information and personal data. By deleting unused data, you can ensure that data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons or malicious software. In addition, erasing data will free up storage space for new data and help improve the performance of your hard drive.

How to Delete Free Space from Hard Drive?

There are several ways to clear free space on your hard drive, for example, using specialized software, formatting the drive, or using a third-party service. Certain areas of the hard drive can be safely erased using specialized software. All data on the drive, including free space, will be deleted when the drive is formatted. In addition, empty disk space can be safely erased using a third-party service.

Which is the Best Way to Wipe Free Space?

The best way to completely wipe out unused space is to use a third-party application. In order to complete this task, we also developed the 4n6 Data Eraser software. With the help of this application once the data has been removed cannot be restored. Additionally, the application has a very straightforward graphical user interface. Both technical and non-technical users can use this app without any problems and with ease. This software helps users to wipe unused data without facing any hassle.

Additionally, wiping out empty space from hard drive won’t take a lot of your time. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below.

Steps to Delete Unused Space from Hard Disk

Read Me First: Both a free and a paid version of the app are available. It is advised to start out by using the freeware. You can test the entire functionality and features of the demo edition without having to pay for it. When you are satisfied with how it works, buy the licensed version to delete all unused hard drive space.

  • After that, run the application and from the given options, choose Disk.
    choose disk
  • Now, check the drive and click on Next button.
    choose drive
  • The solution will provide you two options “wipe free space or wipe total space”. Choose Wipe Free Space from it.
    choose free space
  • Now, select the required wiping method and click on Wipe button.
    saving process

The application starts wiping unused Hard Drive space. This wiping process will only take a few moments. So, wait until the process completes.

That’s it. These are the simple steps to easily wipe out any unused Hard Drive space. The app has a simple user interface and a ton of useful features.

List of Powerful Features

  • With this application, it is possible to wipe data from multiple storage devices like External Hard Drive, Pen Drive, USB Flash Drive, Delete CCTV Footage, and many more.
  • Supports to completely wipe unused Hard Drive space using different methods like simple, advance, complex, and very complex.
  • Also, the app allow users to wipe complete space from your Hard drive in some easy steps.
  • There is no file size limitation imposed on the licensed edition of the software.
  • You can download, install, and run this application on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier edition.
  • Also, this application to wipe unused Hard Drive space is completely free from any type of risk.


The conclusion of the topic of how to wipe unused Hard Drive space is that wiping the unused space from a hard drive is an important step for improved security, data privacy, and improved performance. In the above content, we have explained everything about it. Also, we have provided the best solution to remove free space from Hard Drive in some easiest steps. Thanks for reading the post.