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Free Verified Tool to View Email Headers from PST Files

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Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Introduction: This 4n6 article provides the most effective techniques to view email headers of PST files without the Outlook application.

The email header information includes the sender, the software used to construct the message, and the email server the message passed on its journey to its destination. The Internet header of a message is usually visible only to an administrator.

When you are an administrator and have an Outlook application installed, it is easy to view email headers of PST files.

However, what if you don’t have Outlook and want instant View of Email Headers from PST for some important tasks?

We all know that without Outlook it is not possible to see email headers from pst files. However, we make it possible for you to do so.

Free Way to View Email Headers from PST Files

To accomplish this task, we have developed an incredible solution known as 4n6 Free PST File Viewer. With this software, one can view all header information from PST emails easily and for free, even if they do not have a supporting application. In order to better serve the forensic investigators, this application has been specially designed. Because they are mostly responsible for handling email headers.

This solution has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use even for non-technical users. Additionally, there is no such procedure attached to performing such tasks. You only need to follow a few easy steps.

Learn How the PST Email Header Analyzer Works

Free Download

  • To begin, download the utility to your Windows machine. Once it has been successfully downloaded, install it. Now, launch the application and click on the Open tab.
    download pst email header analyzer
  • As you can see, the solution offers two methods for loading PST data. To browse your PST files, click the Choose from a Folder option.
    choose pst file folder
  • Following that, this application will display the left panel with all of the PST files/folders.
    view pst file folder
  • Double-click on it to see a complete preview of PST emails, including their content, properties, message headers, hex view, and raw message.
    view all pst information

That’s all. By following the easy procedures mentioned above, you will be able to view the complete hidden information included in your PST files. After that, if you want to save your PST files in any other file format then you can go to our Pro version which is designed by the 4n6 company and its name is Outlook PST Converter

Take a Look at Some of the Software’s Amazing Features

  • Simple User Interface: This incredible utility features a very user-friendly graphical user interface. This software enables you to view email headers from PST files without the Outlook application.
  • View Email Headers from Unlimited Files: The PST email header viewer does not have a file size restriction. It enables you to examine header information from an unlimited number of PST files without encountering any problems.
  • Preview of PST Hidden Information: It is an incredible application that allows you to get a comprehensive preview of your PST files. Also, the application enables you to accurately see all the hidden attributes of your PST files.
  • Supports PST from Every Outlook Version: This application was created for users who want to view email headers from PST files. Additionally, this application is compatible with all Outlook editions. You can quickly see the headers of PST files created with any version of Outlook, including older versions.
  • Supports All Editions of Windows Platform: This PST Email Header Analyzer is compatible with all Windows editions. This solution is compatible with all current and previous versions of Windows, including the forthcoming Windows 10 edition.
  • Save Emails with Header Information: Without using Outlook, one can easily view the email headers of PST files using the advanced tool. Additionally, the software allows you to save emails together with their header information to another platform.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Simply Download the App Right Now!

We hope that following our discussion of its performance and features, you now know how you can view email headers from Outlook PST files without having to use Outlook.

We want to ensure that this application is completely risk-free and will provide you with accurate results. It advises and utilizes a large number of forensic investigators to help them in their investigations.

Therefore, if you are one of them who has to complete such a task, simply download the software and complete the work.


The issue of how to view email headers from PST files without Outlook has been covered in a preceding blog post. Hope you will find this information helpful.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or require any sort of assistance. We are always there to assist you. Thanks for reading.

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