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How to Transfer Blueyonder Email to Gmail Account in Quick Steps Directly?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 24th, 2024
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6 Minutes Reading

Overview: In this informative blog, you will learn how to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail account directly in simple steps. So, if you are one of those who need to migrate emails from Blueyonder to Gmail account, keep reading.

Let’s start this post by mentioning a user query.

Hello. I’ve been using Blueyonder for a long time and have a ton of data in this account. Now this service is outdated and I don’t want to use it anymore because I need to transfer all my important emails and other data from my Blueyonder account to my personal Gmail account. I searched for a solution but found no results. If anyone knows a quick way to transfer Blueyonder mailbox directly to Gmail account, please help.


Reading this blog probably means that you too are one of the Blueyonder users and need a solution to migrate your data to your Gmail account? Hope we’re right? Don’t worry now. In this content, you’ll find solutions that match exactly what you’re looking for.

Quickly Transfer Blueyonder Email to Gmail

  • Download 4n6 Email Backup Software and run it.
  • Click the Open button and select Add Account option.
  • Enter Blueyonder email address and password details.
  • Enter Blueyonder IMAP details and click Add button.
  • Click Export and choose Gmail as file saving option.
  • Enter Gmail account details and click the Save button.

Why Migrate Emails from Blueyonder to Gmail Account?

One of the main reasons why users transfer data from Blueyonder to Gmail is because Blueyonder is outdated. Gmail is one of the most popular and best freeware services to store all your email data. It offers much better features and seamless integration with Google services. Most users prefer Gmail service as it is very user-friendly and offers many free storage facilities.

We hope you understand from the above paragraph why users are looking for a way to transfer Blueyonder emails to Gmail account.

100% Authentic Way to Transfer Blueyonder Mailboxes to Gmail

The proposed Blueyonder to Gmail software is 100% reliable, fast and highly recommended to perform this task accurately and preciously. With this application, it is possible to migrate unlimited data from Blueyonder account to Gmail without any limitation. This application successfully supports sending Blueyonder emails to Gmail including attachments, headers and other attributes. The application is 100% safe and has a very simple graphical user interface. You do not need any type of technical support to use this application. To understand the process in depth, go through the detailed guide mentioned below.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

  • First of all, it is suggested to free download and use the freeware edition of the tool. The freeware is useful to test the software without investing money.
  • Once it properly downloaded, install it on your Windows computer and run. Now, click the Open button to begin the process.
    click open
  • Now, from the given options like Open IMAP Configured Accounts, Add Account, Manage Account, and Clear file/ folder, please select Add Account option.
    click add account
  • Here, you have to enter the login details of your Blueyonder email account such as email address and password. After that, click the Advance settings option and fill IMAP details such as Blueyonder.co.uk password and 993.
    enter blueyonder details
  • Once you click Add, the application quickly starts analyzing and loading Blueyonder account data on the left panel. Click on that data and preview emails, headers, hex values, and other properties.
    preview data
  • Now, go to Export option and select Gmail as the saving option. Now, enter the login details of your Gmail account and click Save to begin the migration process.
    choose gmail and click save

That’s it. This is how you can transfer your Blueyonder emails to your Gmail account safely, accurately and with care. I hope you understand the whole process correctly. If you still need suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Key Features of the Software

  • Bulk Transfer: With this software, you can bulk transfer multiple Blueyonder emails to Gmail account at once.
  • Selective Transfer: If you want to migrate selected mailboxes data to Gmail account, it is possible with this app.
  • Get Detailed Preview: Before migrating Blueyonder data to Gmail account, you can preview emails, message headers, properties, hex values, and raw messages.
  • Extract Facility: With this advance Blueyonder to Gmail Migration Tool, you can easily extract properties from Blueyonder account like email addresses, attachments, and more.
  • Transfer Headers: The application has the ability to transfer complete data from Blueyonder to Gmail account. You can safely migrate Blueyonder email to Gmail including header information.
  • Windows Compatible: You can use this software on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and earlier versions to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail.
  • Preserves All Data: This application is safest to transfer Blueyonder data to Gmail account. During the migration process, the application maintains all the properties.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1: How to manually transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail?

Answer 1: You can manually migrate Blueyonder data to Gmail account by follow the below steps:

  • Enable IMAP protocol on your Blueyonder email account.
  • Configure your Blueyonder email account in an email account like Thunderbird and Outlook.
  • Now, configure your Gmail account in that account.
  • Transfer emails from Blueyonder to Gmail account.

Question 2: What are the drawbacks of manually migrating Blueyonder data to Gmail?

Answer 2: The steps above have provided only the upper levels. There are many, many steps to do this. So this becomes a very difficult and long process. Also, there is no guarantee of accurate and complete email conversion.

Question 3: 4n6 Does the licensed version of the Blueyonder to Gmail software allow me to migrate Blueyonder data to accounts other than Gmail?

Answer 3: Yes, with the help of this application, you can migrate Blueyonder emails to multiple savings like PDF, PST, Office 365, MBOX, and more.

Question 4: Can I use 4n6 software to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail with attachments?

Answer 4: Of course, you can migrate emails from Blueyonder to Gmail account including all attachments.


In this content, we have covered a new topic how to transfer Blueyonder email to Gmail account. Here, we have provided both manual and expert method to migrate complete Blueyonder mailboxes data to Gmail account. It is suggested to use the professional software to get this task done accurately and safely.