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Here Are the Tips to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive and Prevent Data Recovery

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
January 2nd, 2024
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6 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you are selling or handing over your hard drive to someone else, never leave your data behind. You can’t blindly trust anyone. So, if your hard drive contains sensitive data, you must completely erase it. In today’s topic, we will provide you some tips to completely wipe a Hard Drive and prevent data recovery. So, if you need help completing such task, this article will be useful.

Let us begin this blog by mentioning a recent user query:

Hi, what is the best way to wipe a Hard Drive that cannot be recovered? I’ve decided to sell my Hard Drive and don’t want to leave any of my personal or business information in it so that it can’t be misused. It has information about my business, as well as my personal photos, financial information, and more. I deleted all the data using the shift+delete command, but one of my friends told me that it wasn’t enough. I still have all of my data in Recycle Bin. So, I have to completely erase Hard Drive. Please give me some tips to completely wipe a hard drive

When we received this request from our valued customer, we immediately advised him to use our Data Wipe Wizard. Additionally, our team helped him through every step of the process so that he could complete the task without any difficulty.

This blog is intended for individuals or business users who want to wipe their hard drive before selling it. This process will be explained in detail here, along with a step-by-step guide.

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Tips to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive and Prevent Data Recovery 

We are all aware that a hard drive is a type of storage device that stores digital data. We keep a lot of personal and business information in it. If we have decided to permanently handover our hard drive to someone else, we must wipe it completely.  Wiping a hard drive to prevent data recovery is not as simple as deleting data or formatting a hard drive.

Lot of tools are available on the internet to accomplish this task. Also, you can find so many tips to completely wipe a hard drive. But for this, an expert solution is required like 4n6 Data Erasure Software.

It is possible to completely wipe a hard drive with our solution in some easy steps.  Once all the data has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

You may be wondering how this wiping software works. Don’t be concerned. We will also explain this. Firstly, please read the following points before wiping your hard drive.

Few Considerations Before Completely Wiping a Hard Disk

  • It is advised to back up your data to another hard drive before wiping a hard drive to prevent data recovery. Because everything will be permanently destroyed if you wipe.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged or connected to power before wiping a laptop. Power loss during disk clearing could be devastating for the drive.
  • Make sure you want to completely wipe a hard drive or if you only need to wipe a free space.
  • The serial numbers of the software must be retained. After you clean your computer, the apps you purchased will be lost and you will need to reinstall them on a new hard drive.

There are numerous things to do before wiping a hard drive, in addition to these. Let’s get to the point and explain how our software functions and have tips to completely wipe hard drive.

How to Erase Hard Drive Data Beyond Recovery with Our Software?

1. Firstly, download or purchase the licensed edition of the application.

Download Version: It is a freeware version that lets you test the functionality, features, and user interface. It only allows wiping of files smaller than 5 MB. In demo version, disk and drive partition wiping will be disabled.

Free Download

Licensed Edition: There are no restrictions in this version. Everything, including a laptop, computer, flash drive, and other storage devices, can be wiped permanently. To get all the tips to completely wipe hard hard drive, you may purchase the license key.

Buy Now

2. After that, install the application properly on your system and run it.

3. The application will provide you three options including Disk, Drive, and File. Choose the Disk option if you need to completely wipe Hard Drive.

choose option

4. After checking the disk, choose Next.

choose disk

5. Check the wipe total space option and the wiping technique according to the requirements.
choose required option

6. Finally, to start the procedure, click the Wipe button. The beginning of the method for wiping a hard drive is visible on the screen. Your hard drive will be completely wiped after some time.
click save

Note: IT professionals have tested our application. It works very well and is not dangerous. You can freely use this application to wipe a Hard Drive and prevent data recovery.

Why Choose This Hard Drive Wiping Software?

  • This app’s best feature is its user interface. You will not encounter any problems or require tips to wipe a hard drive and prevent data recovery.
  • Once the Hard Drive has been wiped with our application, data cannot be recovered using any professional data recovery software.
  • This application will provide you with two options: wipe free space only or wipe total space. Check the appropriate option.
  • Additionally, the app offers various wiping options, including Simple, Advanced, Complex, and Very Complex.
  • You can use this solution to wipe Windows 10 computer, Windows 11 computer, wipe data from SSD, delete all data from USB Flash Drive, wipe browser history, erase data from memory card, and more.
  • With this tool, you can also completely erase a particular Hard Drive partition.
  • You can use this utility on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and other earlier editions.
  • There are no restrictions imposed on the licensed edition to wipe a hard drive to prevent data recovery.

Conclusion on the Tips to Completely Wipe a Hard Drive

We hope you are now familiar with tips to completely wipe hard drive and prevent data recovery. Thanks for reading the post and hope you learned important information.