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How to Search Outlook Calendar By Subject Easily?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
March 2nd, 2023
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5 Minutes Reading

Summary – The blog discusses a better way to search Outlook calendar by subject. It is particularly beneficial for forensic investigators, since they may print evidences in PDF format using the same platform. There are no hidden fees associated with this method, so don’t be concerned; simply read the instructions and follow them.

Do you want to learn the simplest and most effective method for tracking Outlook calendars by subject? If so, your quest may come to an end here. Nowadays, many people are seeking for an easy way to search for Outlook calendar entries by subject without using the Outlook software.

So, 4n6 team decided to render a foolproof solution to open Microsoft data files independently and search content within them. Read this article till the end and get the best way to search Outlook calendar by Subject.

Solution to Open and Search Outlook Calendar PST Files by Subject

The software to address Microsoft Outlook calendar by Subject is impressive. It has been programmed with an intention for helping officials in finding Outlook calendar files by Subject. Free PST File Viewer stays true to its words and offers risk-free & quick results. The freeware facilities various filters in it to find Outlook calendar files by Subject.

All technical and non-technical users can easily use this utility because of its interactive GUI. People can use this product on laptops or computer having Windows OS configured on them. Also, the utility has an inbuilt message viewer. Now, implement the following steps to search Outlook calendar by Subject :

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How to Search Outlook Calendar by Subject ?

To begin opening an Outlook Calendar PST file, you must first download and install the software. Once the installation procedure is complete, the utility should be launched.download button

Once installation procedure gets completed, launch the software.

run the software

Click on the Open File button from the top panel. Use ‘Choose from a folder’ option to add required PST file in which you wish to perform searching mechanism.

load your pst files

The software begins data extraction and then, all fetched mailboxes on its preview arena. You can have a look on listed mailboxes and their content.

preview your data

Refer the following screenshot, and activate ‘Advance Search’ to search Outlook calendar by subject.

advance search

Note: The tool is an all-in-One and enables you to search for certain items in addition to search calendar by subject. With the software you may also search emails in Outlook by subject, time or other criteria.

Check the checkbox of ‘Calendar’ folder only. Deselect rest of the checkbox.

Now, in the ‘Subject’ field enter the text for which you are looking. When you are done with this, click on Find to open Outlook calendar by subject.

Just wait for few minutes, and then, freeware will show all results that is associate with the Subject, which you mentioned in Previous Step.

Utilize 8 straightforward steps to do a subject-based search on your Outlook calendar! We promise that investigators will not encounter any difficulties when utilizing this application. Because the software was designed specifically to alleviate the burden on forensics personnel, they can rely on us.

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Watch the video to learn the easy tutorial:

Excellent Features of Tool to Search Outlook Calendar by Subject

  1. Outlook calendar searcher product gives the complete preview of added PST file. It shows all details of email headers, attachments, and all meta properties including To, From, Cc, Bcc, etc.
  2. There are dual search options in this utility. The Quick search permits finding within PST folders. And the special Advance Search option gives a number of searching filters. Customers can find Outlook calendar by Subject, To, From, date range, etc.
  3. The ‘Compact View’ option allows to view PST file’s mail folders. When this option is enable, the utility shows the important folders only. When it is disabled, all the system folders are also shown.
  4. The utility is completely portable as well as standalone. It does not require installation of Outlook application to find Outlook calendar items by subject.
  5. The tool is compatible with all Microsoft Windows editions. Also, it supports to view PST files from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and all below versions.

Some User Queries

Question 1: Can I search Outlook PST calendar files by subject as well as date range ?

Answer 1: Yes, the tool gives advance filters to find Outlook calendar PST file according to date as well as subject.

Question 2: Can I install this tool to search Outlook calendar by date on Windows 7 computer ?

Answer 2: The utility can be install on all versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 7.


We have provided a step-by-step approach in the preceding blog for opening or locating an Outlook PST calendar file by subject. To open Outlook calendar files by subject, the PST file viewer is an ideal choice. Its unique filtering feature enables consumers to search Outlook calendar by subject and other criteria. The tool features a straightforward user interface that is readily comprehended by all types of users.