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How to Save Bulk Emails in One PDF File in Some Simple Steps?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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6 Minutes

Looking for a program that will allow me to save my bulk emails in one PDF (transaction), do you offer something for this? So this is your query, right…? Do you really think you ask for something and we don’t give it to you, this is not possible? Of course, we can offer you not just something, but the best of it. So get ready to download emails in one PDF file.

Well, this query is made by the user, but now let’s makes this query as a basis on which we can solve different users’ query. Even if you don’t have the same query, you might have the same situation recommending the same solution.

Now we have to say yes first. It is very easy to save bulk emails in one PDF file, but we are a little confused about which emails? We believe email can belong to any account and there are many email services that have different segments, such as: Cloud-based email account, desktop-based email account

To get rid of this email confusion, we’d like to offer you a solution that solves this problem. Do you want to know how Okay, take a look here.

A Best Program to Save All Emails in One PDF File

4n6 Email Converter is the program that suits you best and is the answer to your question. Yes, this solution is best to save bulk emails in one PDF file easily and faster. Would you like to know why we are proposing this solution to you? Want to know why this solution can clear the email confusion? Look at it.

This is the solution that can support every email account. Yes, regardless of which account you use, you can save the email as a PDF. That is why we propose this application to you. It is really necessary to know which account it supports so that you can know for yourself why this application best suits your needs.

You Can Save the Emails in PDF from These Accounts

  • Desktop-based Account: Yes, if you use one of the desktop-based accounts, you can save their email as a PDF. Yes, since the desktop account emails are stored in the different file format, you can choose EML, MBOX, PST, MSG, OFT, DBX and many more
  • Cloud-based Account: Here you can add any account to save their email as a PDF. Yes, you can choose any IMAP supported account to save emails in one PDF file.

So now you know why this application is valuable to save bulk emails in one PDF file. Well we have to tell you that we have only told you which account to save email from, but we have not given you any other information about the tool. You need to learn the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool so that you have more reason to love this tool.

Check out Some Features of the Tool 

  • This application has a simple interface that makes it easy for users to work with
  • You can save bulk email at the same time. There is no data limit in this app
  • This application also allows you to save all attachments with the emails
  • You can preview all emails and attachments before saving them as PDF
  • You can save multiple emails in one PDF file to your desired location
  • This application can be run with any version of Windows

Got to know the tool better? Well, we have to admit that we haven’t disclosed everything about the tool. There are several things that are still under discussion that you still need to know.

The last thing we want to uncover is the process you need to go through to save bulk emails in one PDF file. If you look at the full guide, you won’t have any problems while actually doing the task.

Process of Saving Emails in Bulk as a PDF Files Format

If you are using a desktop-based email client and need to save its email as a PDF, you will need to complete this procedure

1. First of all, you need to download the tool on the Windows compatible device


2. Now install it and prepare to launch after the setup is complete. Now click the Open tab.

select open button

3. Then Email Data Files, then click on the file format that you have and that you want to save as PDF

Note: If you are configured with the account on your device, you can choose the Desktop Email clients, click Configured Account.

select email data file

4. Once you have selected all of the files from the device, you will see that they have been loaded into the tool. You can also open them if necessary

preview emails

5. Now click on the Export tab and select PDF from the drop down menu

select Export option


6. Browse the location to save the resulting files and then click on the Save button

Your selected email files or account emails will now be saved in a PDF file format in just a few moments. Congratulations.

Now If You have a Cloud-Based Account and want to Save their Emails as PDF, you Need to Follow this Process

  • Download the application and install it on your device
  • After the application runs, click the Open tab, click Email Accounts, then click Add Account
  • Add your credentials for the email account and the IMAP server
  • Once you have added an account, the tool will start analyzing folders, which will then be displayed in the left pane
  • Click the Export tab and select Document Files as PDF.
  • After you have completed all of these steps, you need to browse the location where you want to save all of your email. then lastly click on the Save button

Now we have given you all the details. You are unlikely to have any complications in completing the task. Regardless of your account, you can now save bulk emails in one PDF file.

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In conclusion

You can now do your task very easily and this due to the availability of the proposed application. This application is best to save bulk emails in one PDF file while giving you the convenience. For better experience and journey, you need to use this application to solve your query and do the job.