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How to Save Attachments from Yahoo Mail Account on Windows?

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Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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5 Minutes Reading

Overview: Thinking to save attachments from Yahoo Mail account? You were looking for the answer, but you couldn’t find it, right? No worries, as this guide will provide you with the most effective application.

We received a large number of Yahoo emails on a daily basis. And the majority of our emails have attachments with critical information. Sometimes it becomes necessary for a user to remove attachments from their Yahoo Mail account. The following user request highlights one of the most prevalent requirements.

“Hello, I have a large number of Yahoo emails which containing attachments. Due to attachments, I am experiencing difficulty with spacing. However, I cannot delete these attachments since they include crucial work-related information. I’ve opted to remove attachments from Yahoo mail to an external hard drive to remedy this issue. Thus, I am unable to quickly access and read my attachment anytime I need to. Kindly suggest me a solution that can save all attachments from Yahoo Mail account without facing any hassle.”

The question that was just asked was taken from a very famous online forum. There, we have noticed a large number of people who, for a variety of reasons, need to do this activity. As a result, we are going to present you with the software that will fulfil all of your needs in order to do this work in this post.

Instant Method to Save Attachments from Yahoo Mail Account

Please stop looking for the manual approach to save all of the attachments from Yahoo in a bulk format if you are currently searching for it.  There are no manual steps available to accomplish this task. You will need the assistance of a specialized program in order to do this.

Our team developed the Windows-based 4n6 Yahoo Mail Backup Application. We conducted research on the various demands of consumers before developing this application. This application has all the elements that can assist users in achieving their desired outcome. With this utility, users can bulk or selectively extract attachments from their Yahoo Mail account. Also, this utility’s user interface is very easy. Even a Non-technical personal can operate this app without facing any type of hassle. In addition, the tool offers several advance features.

Key Features of Yahoo Mail Attachments Extractor

  • Safe, secure, and advance tool to save all attachments from Yahoo Mail account.
  • No need to download and install supportive app to extract Yahoo mail attachments.
  • There will be no changes or modification done with the original formatting of your Yahoo email attachment.
  • Also, the app allows users to extract bulk or selective attachments from Yahoo mail folders.
  • With this solution, users can also export data into multiple savings like PST, PDF, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird etc.
  • Also, you can download and run this app on all the latest and earlier edition of Windows.
  • The app provides preview of your Yahoo mail email attachments, email headers, and other information.
  • Using this software, you can extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail account in easy steps.

Also, the tool allows you to extract all attachments from Yahoo Mail account in some easiest steps. Would you be interested in learning about the process steps? Please have a look below.

Step by Step Process to Extract All Attachments from Yahoo Account

Special Note: It is encouraged to initially utilize the tool’s demo version. The sample edition is absolutely free and allows you to test the tool’s features and functionality. Additionally, this program enables users to preserve Yahoo Mail attachments.


1. Install and run the software properly on your Windows computer and choose Open tab.

click open to save attachments from yahoo mail

2. A drop-down will appears, choose Add Account from it.

click on add account

3. Enter the login credentials of your Yahoo Mail account and click on Add button.

enter email credentials

4. This amazing utility starts analysing the data of your Yahoo Mail account and load them on the left panel.

loaded folders

5. Now, go to Extract option and choose Attachments from it.

choose attachments

6. Finally, check folders, choose the location where you need to save attachments, choose saving format, and click on Extract button.

saving process

You may notice that the program has started extracting attachments from your Yahoo Mail account now if you look at the screenshots. You will receive the notice that the task has been finished in a few seconds.

Examine the Following: What Users Concerns Can Be Resolved with This Program?

Question 1 – It is necessary for me to download attachments from my Yahoo Mail account on the desktop of my computer. Is there any solution which can help me?

Answer 2 – Utilizing our program, you should have no trouble completing this work. Our tool allows users to choose the destination where they need to save extracted attachments. functionality helps to access and control the output in the future more simply as well, which is excellent.

Question 2 – How do I extract attachments from my Yahoo inbox and sent folders. This task is important for me. Please suggest me a method.

Answer 2 – 4n6 software is capable to extract attachments from selective folders. The software loads all Yahoo mailboxes on the left panel. You just have to check only Inbox and Sent folders. By checking them, our solution will extract attachments from those folders.

Question 3 – Is it possible to save attachments from Yahoo Mail to PDF format?

Answer 3 – With the help of this amazing utility, users can easily save Yahoo attachments as PDF, DOC, and other savings.

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Concluding Words

Questions regarding how to save attachments from Yahoo Mail account are addressed in the above content. Also, we have provided the most reliable and instant method to accomplish this task. The solution is useful to extract all Yahoo Mail attachments without losing a bit of information. Downloading the app right now is the easiest and most convenient way to complete this assignment, so do it without giving it another consideration.