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How to Extract Email Address from Yahoo Mail?

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
May 2nd, 2023
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4 Minutes Reading

Introduction: This post is about how to extract email address from Yahoo Mail account.

Hello we hope you all are doing well. Are you having a good time using Yahoo Mail ? Or facing any issues while using it? As we all know, it’s not just about sending and receiving mails, there is a lot more to do with emails. Let’s understand this by reading the next sentence.

“ I am running a small business and for that I am using Yahoo Mail. I need to send emails about my product to many potential customers. I have multiple Yahoo mail account. Now I want to extract only email addresses from them. Extracting email addresses one by one is a very long process and will take many days. Please give me a solution to quickly save multiple email address from Yahoo mail at once. ”

We have put the above query in the article just to understand the problem and the need to be extracted. The reason can be many but the solution is one. Don’t you believe us? You will believe after reading this article. So don’t go anywhere and stay with us.

Introducing trusted, reliable and, easy to use tool

If you are looking for a tool which is free of cost, there are many on the internet. But their result might not be accurate. They can mess up your data and after some time they will cost you something. You can try those tools but if you are looking for a tool you can trust blindly then, download 4n6 Email Bakup Software. It is the simplest and fastest app to save your email address at one place.

This tool is valuable for you because of the benefits associated with it.

  • Extract email address: it is the best solution for the query discussed above. The tool is very useful in extracting email address from Yahoo mail and Yahoo small business account. By adding your Yahoo account, you can easily start extracting emails as and where you want. Don’t you think this tool make your work easier? Yes it does.
  • Allow you to select fields: The tool also allows you to select fields such as To, CC, FROM, SUBJECT as per your requirement. Also, if you want to extract email addresses from every field, it is possible with the help of this tool.

These are some of the benefits of the tool that I mentioned here. If you are enjoying reading our article and want to try out our tool let’s have a look on the steps to extract email address from Yahoo mail.

Check out the process below

After running the application, click on the open tab
Add your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Small Business Mail credentials and IMAP server that is, imap.yahoo.com

Once you add account, the tool start analyzing folders which will be then displayed

Click on the Extract option and select email addresses.

After performing all these steps, you need to select folders and required fields to extract mails

Click on extract button visible on the right panel and it’s done.

Are you still connected with us?

Has our tool been useful to you?

Let us add more to your knowledge about the tool.

  • User interface of the tool: The interface of the tool is being designed in a simple way for the user experience. You don’t need any technical knowledge; even a non-technical person can do all the tasks.
  • Best fits for investigators: this application is very helpful for forensic investigators. This is more beneficial for forensic users who need to perform email header analysis in the case of cyber analytics such as email spoofing.
  • Preview of emails: while extracting emails to your device, you can open and check the email on the tool itself. Whether the email contains important information or not. You can also preview all emails that contain attachments.
  • Select all folders at once: this tool allows you to select multiple folders such as inbox, sent, draft etc. to extract emails addresses at once. With this feature, one can extract all email addresses without wasting time.

The final words

The above article is all about extracting email addresses from Yahoo mail. If you find this article useful, let us know.