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Tested Solution to Save AOL Emails to Hard Drive with All Properties

Written By
Nick Rogers
Published On
October 17th, 2022
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6 Minutes

Overview: In today’s 4n6 write-up, learn how to save AOL emails to Hard Drive in easy steps.

If you are familiar of the email service AOL webmail then you must know that is the widely recognized service. Numerous individuals utilize AOL to organize or manage their personal or professional data. This service provides so many advance features. However, although there are certain benefits to utilizing cloud-based services, there are also some drawbacks to doing so. Users of AOL need to store their emails on their hard drives in order to avoid the drawbacks and maintain their security. Therefore, in this blog, we will address this issue. Therefore, let’s begin by identifying some similar concerns or requirements.

Why Users Need to Save AOL Emails to Hard Drive?

  • Due to the fact that AOL is a cloud-based email service, you cannot view your data without an internet connection.
  • If you lose your AOL webmail data for any reason, it cannot be recovered. Maintain a copy of your AOL emails on your hard drive.
  • You can also prevent unwanted access to your essential emails. Emails stored on your system are more secure than data stored on the server.

Also Consider the Below User Query

“Hello, since two years ago, I have been using AOL webmail at work. It contains a significant volume of email data. I have recently switched to a new organization, but I have to save my previous emails since they contain vital information. Therefore, I’ve chosen to export my AOL emails to my hard drive so I may preserve them forever. The problem is that I do not know how to complete this assignment. Please propose a solution.”

When a user wants to carry out such a task, the reasons and requirements listed above are the most prevalent ones. Therefore, let’s make an effort to answer this question by presenting the solution.

Solution to Export AOL Email to Hard Drive

No, it is not possible to manually save multiple AOL messages to a Hard Drive account. It is not possible manually. There are several available manual steps, but they have limits. For this reason, it is usually recommended to utilize a professional application.

4n6 AOL Mail Backup Application is the highly advance solution. This program is safe and straightforward. This software allows users to save all AOL emails to their hard drive without losing any data. This program will manage all of your data. This software retains the characteristics during the exporting procedure. In addition, it includes other advanced features. It enables you to store AOL emails, headers, and other data on your hard drive. In a few simple steps, you may simply generate a duplicate of your whole AOL webmail account.

Examine the Procedures Required to Save Emails

1. Firstly, free download the application to export AOL email to Hard Drive. This free demo edition is helpful for testing the full functionality of the program, including all of its features. Additionally, it enables you to export some emails without requiring any financial investment.


2. After downloading, run this solution and click on the Open button to begin the process.

click open to save aol emails to hard drive

3. Now, choose the Add Account option from the list.

click on add account

4. Enter the credentials of your AOL webmail account and click on Add.

enter aol credentials

5. You can see that the software loads all the AOL mailboxes on the left panel.

choose mailboxes

6. Click on the folders if you need to get the preview of your data.

check preview

7. Now, click on Export button and choose the required saving.

Note: You can easily save AOL emails to multiple savings like PST, PDF, and more.

choose saving option

8. After that, check the folders, choose the location, and click on Save button.

saving process

The software starts saving your AOL emails to Hard Drive. This process is easy and take only some moments.

After receiving the completion notification, you can examine the output. We guarantee that this incredible tool will offer accurate findings.

What Kinds of Questions Can This Software Answer for Its Customers?

When we searched the internet, we came across a number of people’s questions. The most important thing to note is that the concerns of each individual user are unique. Now let’s have a look what all queries this software can resolve.

Query 1: I have a significant number of AOL emails with attachments. How can I save my AOL emails with attachments to my hard drive?

Reply 1: Our software successfully supports to save complete data from your AOL webmail account. Users can easily export AOL emails to Hard drive with attachments.

Query 2: Hey, is there a solution available that supports to save AOL emails to Hard Drive with headers?

Answer 2: Using our program, it is feasible. This application allows users to effortlessly export emails with header information. This capability has been added specifically for Forensics users.

Query 3: How do I save my selected AOL mailboxes data to Hard Drive. It is urgent for my business work. Please provide me a method?

Answer 3: 4n6 software allows users to export selected data. This app loads all the mailboxes. Now, it will allow users to check only those folders whose data they need to save into Hard Drive.

Query 4: My AOL webmail data contains extremely vital business-related information. I cannot afford to lose a single bit of data. I must thus save it to my hard drive for security purposes. How should I proceed?

Answer 4: Our software is useful to save complete data from AOL to Hard Drive. This software is tested and free from any type of risk. With this app, users can easily save unlimited data like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

The Final Words

In the above content, we have explained the process how to save AOL emails to Hard Drive. Here, we have offered the professional utility that is readily capable of resolving any and all concerns that may arise with users. Because we are aware of the significance of the data our users provide, we have developed this application. The application won’t harm your computer in any way and will give you honest feedback. With the use of this program, one is able to effortlessly preserve all of their AOL information along with all of the data that is associated to it.