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How to Remove Metadata from Video Files in Easy Steps?

Nick Rogers ~ Modified: 08-02-2023 ~ Data Eraser ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to remove metadata from video files is a new topic we have introduced in this article that has not yet been covered. Therefore, if you are trying to delete the metadata from a MP4 video but are having trouble doing so, this blog can be of assistance.

Data that describes a video’s characteristics or content is known as metadata. These details may include the date the video was created, the video resolution, the video file size, the length, and the video codec employed. Along with information about the video’s production company, actors, and copyright, it may also contain details about the video’s creator. Metadata reveals more information about the video content to viewers, creators, and search engines.

As we can see that metadata include private or sensitive details, it may be used maliciously, such as to track down and target the video’s subjects. To protect the privacy of those involved, it is crucial to remove this information.

We’ve discovered this topic online and found that it hasn’t been fully explored. In light of this, we have chosen to address it and offer users the most effective solution.

How to Remove Metadata from Video Files?

Manually removing metadata from videos is possible. Manual removal is accomplished by editing the video file with a text editor and then manually deleting the relevant metadata fields. This process can be time-consuming and necessitates a thorough understanding of the video file format and the metadata fields contained within it.

As a result, it is advised to use a professional solution to complete this task. We also developed 4n6 MetaRaser Wizard for Windows. It is the most trustable, safe, and reputable utility for removing metadata from all Video files at the same time. It supports bulk removal, so you don’t have to select video files one by one.

The application has a very user-friendly interface. You will not face any type of hassle while using this application. Also, you just have to follow some steps to get this task done.

Steps to Delete Metadata from MP4 Video Files

  • Firstly, download Video Metadata Removal Software on your Windows machine.
  • Once the app is downloaded, install it properly and run. Now, click on Open button to begin process.
    click open to remove metadata from video files
  • From the drop-down list, choose media option.
    choose media
  • Now, choose MP4 and click on choose files or choose folders option to load your files.
    choose files or folders
  • The application provides the complete preview of Video files.
    preview mp4 files
  • Now, click on Actions button and choose Metadata Clear option.
    choose clear metadata
  • Choose the required location where you need to get the output and click on Save button to begin the process.
    saving process

The program begins removing metadata from Video files. This will only take a few moments. You will receive a completion message once it is completed.

That’s it. By following these simple steps, you can easily remove metadata from MP4 files. You can rely on the application to deliver accurate results, we promise. The application only deletes meta properties. Other data will remain the same. There will be no changes done with your video.

Eye-Catching Features of Video Metadata Scrubber Software

The Conclusion

We hope you now understand how to delete the metadata from video files. Our solution has been thoroughly examined and is trustworthy. The program safely removes all metadata from MP4 files without affecting the video. Therefore, download and use the app if you’re one of those people who needs to remove metadata from your video files. You will benefit greatly from using this program.